Give Surprise birthday cake delivery

Birthday is a not just an ordinary day, but it a day which is full of new hopes and dreams. That is why birthday cakes are bought and sold online in order to surprise your friends, family and loved ones. When we talk about special birthday cakes for a kid, young, mature or old, birthday cake delivery in Delhi catches all eyes as it ensures that you are going to have cakes 24/7 anytime, anywhere in the national capital of India. Popular online cake shops give surprise birthday cake delivery so that you never miss any occasions without being celebrated in time.


Birthday cake delivery means that you are going to have your choice cake at your home address, sitting at home. When you get connected to a professional and popular birthday cake, you find something unique which is fresh baked and filled with generous chocolate chips. It must have a unique taste with rainbow frosting and candy confetti. What you actually need is to get something exceptional in the form of fresh cookie cakes delivered for a birthday surprise. And it is made possible with an online cake delivery which is very easy and ensures that your cakes are delivered at the same time with no hassles.

When you ensure the availability of an online cake, it is nothing but a birthday cake delivery in Delhi which lets you throw a birthday party. When you opt for an online cake delivery in Delhi, you get a real reason to find specially-made birthday cakes in Delhi NCR. Following is a list of online birthday cakes which helps you get your choice for the forthcoming birthday of your near and dear ones. It includes:

  • Chocolate Truffle Birthday Cake
  • Happy Birthday Cookie cake; birthday brownie cake
  • Birthday Coffee Cake; Birthday Petits Fours
  • Chocolate and Vanilla Birthday Cake
  • Black and White Birthday Cake
  • Birthday Fortune Cookies; Birthday Giant Fortune Cookie
  • Birthday Girl Cookie Bouquet; Birthday Mini Sugar Cookies
  • Happy Birthday Cookie Bouquet; Happy Birthday Cookie Gift Basket
  • Cake Pops – Classic; Chambord Cake
  • Shadow Birthday Cake; Vanilla Birthday Cake
  • Confetti Fortune Cookies; Sweet 16 Cookie Gift Basket
  • Birthday Belgian Chocolate Gourmet “Devil Style” Cupcakes
  • Cake Pops – Cupcake Design
  • Cupcake Push Pops; Gluten Free Birthday Cake Shadow
  • Happy Birthday Brownie Cake


No matter what sort of cake you choose from the above list, one thing is quite clear that online birthday cake delivery in Noida helps you save your precious time from being wasted in traffic commutation and visiting physical cake shops in Delhi and its nearby areas.

Finding Sweet Deals on Wedding Cakes

Placing online cake orders has been around us since internet came into existence and gave people better chances to get their choice cake products sitting at home. There is a huge variety of sweet desserts in the form of birthday cakes, wedding cakes, anniversary cakes, baby shower cakes, etc. Celebrating any wedding occasion with a beautiful birthday cake is a great way to treat all guests who assembled at your wedding destination to greet you on your special day.

If you are unable to decide which wedding cake you should choose for your occasion, then you can take help from online cake shop in Delhi where cakes experts will guide you in the right direction and will help you take a balanced decision so that you can easily pick the best wedding cake that is ready to get cut after your wedding dinner. As there are many online cake shops, so it is common that there is a big competition amongst all of them. To get a large customer share and retain them, these online cake shop in Delhi offer some sweet deals on wedding cakes.


It is said that good cakes are not cheap and cheap cakes are not good. But selling anniversary cakes at an affordable price tag can help cake sellers gets a large customer base. Generally, when you place wedding cakes online, you are supposed to get free delivery of your ordered product in any location in Delhi. Sometimes, cake shops charge some money for delivering specially ordered cakes. If you can talk to your cake shop, you can have a deal where you will not only get free delivery of the product but also some discounts on the purchasing of the wedding cake.

Cakes are a great wedding dessert and they are notoriously expensive. It is nothing but fondant icing, the labor and reputation of the baker, and the amount of time spent in making the cake that decide the price of a cake. A cake becomes more expensive when it is highly decorated with additional ingredients and decors.


  • If you find the online cake delivery in Delhi is really very expensive, then you can choose your own fruits, ribbons, flowers, and figurines to make cake cost-effective according to your pocket.
  • During wedding seasons, some bakers offer special discounts in order to increase sales. They offer additional gifts or flowers free of cost on the purchase of cakes.
  • You can compare many online cake websites and compare their prices for a particular cake in terms of the type, size, design, flavor and taste of the cake. It will help you get better deals.
  • If you are a first time customer, then local bakers can give you something extra without adding additional burden to your pocket.

If you are placing an order for wedding cake online, then these suggestions will help you get better ideas to have the best cakes at a competitive price tag.

Extreme Wedding Cake Makeover Ideas

Are you tired of seeing and enjoying so called the traditional two or three tier wedding cake that is hardly garnered with a simple white frosting and a miniature of bride and groom as wedding cake topper placed on it. Modern bakers know well what actually an iconic wedding cake look and feel. If you are searching for an extreme cake that adds more colors to your formal or classic wedding, then you can’t make a real difference if you have no makeover ideas. In Faridabad, there is no dearth of online cake shops that deal in the selling and supplying of the finest quality cakes that are matchless in terms of taste, style, design, and flavor. And you get an exceptional cake when you place an online cake delivery in Faridabad.  These days, modern wedding couples have a different way to understand things, so it is better to look for look for alternative wedding themes and a more relaxed feeling overall.


As traditional wedding cake no longer match new trends and fail to fits correctly in its place. That is why you need to have a look at popular wedding themes. If you prefer to use real flowers, then what you need to do is to select a bloom that elegantly exists in the current season and complements your wedding theme. Generally, traditional cake toppers are found in favor of fresh blooms. But, things can be made more interesting if you can think of adding sugar petal details or scattered buds on the cake.

Imaginative and convention wedding cake toppers have always been a great way to make wedding cakes of all sizes and designs look enchanting and user-friendly. Having a custom wedding cake topper sculpted out of special non toxic clay can be a surprise element. If you want to go ahead then, you can induce a difference with the romantic moments of the bride and groom.


Before you ask your bakers send you your choice cake through a Faridabad cake delivery, you better look at some themed wedding cakes that are simply known for a wide variety of options. Don’t forget you give your wedding cake a vivid look and presentation with the decorations and frosting. Most wedding cake bakers know how to make a wedding cake really make it stand out. You can choose all popular shapes with the number of tiers you can afford. Don’t go crazy and stick to basics so that you don’t something weird that can spoil your party. There is hundreds of cake shop in Delhi NCR but Yummycake is one of the best online cake shop in delhi who provide same day cake delivery in delhi and Noida.

Make sure that sculpted cakes can a surprise element. If you have a creative thinking, then you can win the race by having a big castle wedding cake or a fairy tale wedding cake. Think of a beach themed wedding or an arranged marriage in a serene place with dimensional design will really rocks.

All About Kids Birthday Cakes

All of us love cakes; they have a special significance for kids when they come in the form of kids birthday cakes. For all sorts of birthday parties, cakes are just a masterpiece that catches all eyes and makes their presence felt when kids in colorful dresses and hats get ready to blow the candles out and start making a noise. In North India’s biggest industrial city Nodia, annexing the boundary of the national capital, there is no dearth of popular and leading online birthday cake shops that deal in the selling and supplying of a big assortment of cakes for birthday via a birthday cake delivery in Noida, matching all party needs.


When you opt for a perfect and customer-oriented cake delivery service in Noida, you get the best chance to add more colors and character to the kids’ birthday party with jaw-dropping cakes. Following are some of the selective and widely popular cake types for kids that are ready to rock and make their presence felt on the special day of your beloved kid. These include:

  • Online Barbie Doll cake and chocolate Truffle Cake
  • Jungle Cake and online photo cake
  • Personalized photo cake and heart shape chocolate cake
  • 1st birthday cake and online Black Forest Cake
  • Chocolate birthday cake and superman designer cake

If you want to pull out all the stops on a particular day when it is your little monster’s birthday, you can also try the following stunning cake recipes for kids. These cakes are not only unique but also touch the heart and senses of children as they are made only for little cherubs who love fun and play 24/7. When you think of all about kids’ birthday cakes, a themed birthday cake matters the most as they are nothing but a perfect mix of creativity and individuality in a pack of taste and unforgettable flavor.

Have you ever imagined what an animal themed cake can do? If not, why don’t you try something different and try a hedgehog cake today. It seems unusual that a hedgehog cake will help you celebrate the birthday of your beloved kids. As most children are naturally and easily get fascinated with the animal world. Nothing can be more interesting and enticing than a woodland-inspired hedgehog cake that will definitely catch all eyes when you simply think of charming a crowd to a sweet dessert that is ready for cake cutting ceremony.

IMG-20160619-WA0004 (1)

If you live in Noida and its nearby areas, then ask your online bakers to give you a colorful a hedgehog cake that is highly decorated with edible spikes, butter-cream and chocolate details. Make sure you own this cake via a birthday cake delivery in Noida without wasting even a single second. So, cut this cake tonight and make sure none end up on the kids’ plates!

Picture-Perfect Cake Topper Ideas

It is quite clear that cakes are something that you can’t miss at a birthday, anniversary or wedding party. Cakes have been around us for decades and they are not just round or square, chocolate or pineapple. Now, traditional cakes have been replaced by new and creative cakes: themed cakes. You can’t image themed cakes without perfect cake toppers. It is nothing but the cake topping that makes the cake look perfect for the occasion. Selective toppings play a vital role in the craft and art of cake preparation. If you are looking for the best cakes with special toppings and decors in Delhi NCR, then online cake shops in Delhi and their cake delivery service in Delhi can make things happen.


Like cakes as central attraction, the cake topper has long been a tradition at weddings. For a wedding cake, cake toppings matter the most and hold more symbolism than any other items. A cake will be totally lusterless if your baker has not shown some basic cake decorating skills. Remember: A perfect wedding cake with topping is the cake that has everyone wanting to take a picture.
Before you place an order for birthday cakes in Faridabad and get them delivered at your doorstep, let’s have a look at some of the unique ideas for creating a cake topper. Possibly it would change your mind and you will ask your online baker for more and something unique. You can also go online and search “funny wedding cake toppers” or “wedding anniversary cake topper” to see what is available online. Following are some popular cake toppers that you can use for adding more spark and glamour to your upcoming wedding.

  • Hand-crafted and spun glass cake toppers those are amazingly beautiful.
  • Silver, gold or Swarovski crystal monograms for wedding as well as birthdays.
  • Sporty cake toppers with images of a bride and a groom riding a sailboat, horseback, and racing cars.
  • Funny cake toppers in the shape of cartoon characters.
  • Vintage cake toppers
  • Character-themed cake toppers will blow both the bride and groom away.
  • Fresh fruit or sugar-crystallized fruit seems the most easy cake toppings that are arranged in an extravagant display in order to make a killer pretty picture.
  • Just be creative and see what the image of a castle can do. A castle cake or fairy castle topper resting on the top of a sculpted castle cake will steal your heart.
  • A topsy-turvy cake with a cake topper can make your day.
  • Miniature toys and polymer clay cake toppers can add a great deal of fun to a cake.
  • Flower, such as bird-of-paradise, as a cake top is a brilliant idea.


All these picture perfect cake topping ideas are unique and you can have these ideas perfectly shapes in birthday cakes in Faridabad.

10 Tips For Smooth Cake Covering

Cake decoration is both an art and a science. Being an art ii focuses on what to use to make the cake look more interesting. And as a science, it is all about making it look perfect and awesome when it comes to having a party and place it on a cake stand. In the national capital, there are numerous cake shops that offer the best decorated and perfectly garnered cakes at your doorstep with their timely and reliable online birthday cake delivery in Delhi. Be it a birthday cake, anniversary cake or a wedding cake, it is necessary that you get a cake with smooth cake covering work. Following are some tips for smooth cake covering so that you can have a flawless cake ready for your individual occasion.




You can easily have the best cake via a cake order in Delhi. But if you are interested in baking cakes or you just need to create some wonderful cakes in order to stun your loved ones on a special day, then you should stick to these simple tips to make a hard to believe fondant cake. With these tips, you will be able to make a smooth cake like a professional cake designer.

  1. Well-matched fondant: The very first thing that you need to do is to select the best fondant for the cake recipe that looks nice on the cake. You can choose from an easily dry out or stay sticky fondant.
  2. Have a clean working station: To have a dust free cake covering, it is necessary to have a neat and clean working station. It will help you save your cake covering from being ruined.
  3. Prefer a marzipan layer before covering: It will be great if you can have the marzipan layer for at least 12 hours and let the same dry and harden for having a smoother cake surface. Then, apply it smoothly.
  4. Get ready for the fondant: While making the fondant, you should keep the need of the temperature and humidity in mind as per the weather. So, you better store it in an airtight bag.
  5. Cover the marzipan: It is simply a 15-minute process. Just use a broad dark paint brush and avoid dripping. You better coat it.
  6. Roll out fondant: Use your thumb and the rolling pin to measure the fondant’s depth. Be sure that the rolled fondant complies with cake’s the size, thickness, and dimension.
  7. Lift the fondant with the rolling pin keeping the size of the fondant in mind.
  8. Roll the fondant on the cake by expelling air bubbles with your fingers.
  9. Then, trim the edges using a palette knife and render it a smooth finish.
  10. Smoothen the cracks and use pins to prick the bubbles.

IMG-20160619-WA0004 (1)

If you are placing an online cake order in Delhi, make sure your baker follow these instructions to add more decors on the cake.

How to Choose the Tastiest Wedding Cake

It is said that weddings are made in heaven and are celebrated on the earth amid the presence of a group of people who gather on a specific destination on a particular wedding day. And this celebration reaches to its apex when it is accompanied by a stylish and yummy wedding cake that brings married close and symbolizes their new beginning. People living in Noida and its nearby areas can go for a traditional or a non-traditional wedding cake through online cake order in Noida. On the choice of their preferences, the wedding couple thinks of wedding cake flavor combinations.


Fantasizing about the ideal cake for your upcoming nuptials? If yes, know what you actually want to see in the special cake of your choice on your wedding day. Always take help from the best people having enough knowledge and experience. And no one can be a better option than an online cake shop having a wide reach in all corners of Noida. Following are some of the top tips that you will be able to learn and share with your near and dear ones when it comes to choosing the wedding cake of your dreams.

Choose the best online cake shop: As the wedding date is approaching near, the couple will be searching online for a cake shop. Not just a cake shop will make things happens. What you really need is a popular and proven cake shops. All cakes inside the pictures and images seem very good and look beautiful. But only a good baker can let you know whether you are going to place an order for an awesome wedding cake or not. So, visit the bakery’s website and view all updated images of their work so that you can have a modern cake.

frout_yummy_cake-350x350Wedding cake flavor ideas: If you are satisfied with the online cake shop and what is available there, it is high time to peep into the flavor of cake. Ask your baker for the best available flavors that can add more colors to your special occasion. Chocolate, butterscotch, vanilla, fruit, and fondant and black forest cakes are the best popular wedding cake flavors that you can go for.

Budget: As you have chosen your choice flavor from popular wedding cake flavors, now you need to know your capacity to bear the burden of the cake on your pocket. All weddings are same but they are available at different price tags at different bakers. So, what you need to do is to compare the price of cakes displayed at the site of bakers. It will help you take a good purchasing decision matching your taste as well as pocket needs.

When you will get cake at your doorstep: If you have selected a special cake from a particular cake shop, the very next thing that you need to do is to ensure timely and instant birthday cake delivery in Noida so that you don’t delay the event at any cost.

Beach Wedding Cake Toppers & Beach Wedding Cakes

Beach wedding is new concept in India but it is gaining popularity with every new day. In India, there are many cities and places that are adjacent to beaches where a wedding can be easily celebrated to unite bride and groom to each other on their special occasion. When we talk about special occasions, we need to think of the things that make these occasions unique and memorable for all who takes part in the wedding. Beach wedding cake is such a perfect traditional dessert option served at wedding receptions following dinner.

IMG-20160619-WA0004 (1)

Beach wedding receptions are not complete if they miss yummy and delicious wedding cakes with selective cake toppings or cake toppers. When you go for order cake online in Delhi, you can easily avail your choice wedding, anniversary or birthday cakes via a birthday cake delivery in Delhi. There is no dearth of beach wedding cake toppers that you can use in order to decorate your cake and stun all quests that take part in a wedding to bless and wish bride and groom a happy married life. Let’s have a look at some of the common cake toppers that are ready to add more colors and character to a cake that is ready to be served on a table after the reception. These varied cake toppers include:

Beach Get Away Bride and Groom Cake Toppers;  We Tied The Knot Wedding Cake Topper; Nautical Beach Cake Topper; Rainbow Lorikeet Wedding Cake Topper in Pink, Green and Yellow; Groom & Groom Tropical Love Bird Cake Topper;  Fondant Edible Fishes Aquarium Under the sea Beach cake topper Mermaid Baby shower Nemo cake topper; custom teacher bride and lawyer groom wedding cake topper; Starfish Wedding Cake, Sandpipers Cake Topper, Beach Cake Topper; Beach Weddings, Bride and Groom Sandpipers; Mr and Mrs Wedding Cake Topper-Personalized Last Name Cake Topper with Date-Rustic Cake Topper; Starfish Beach Wedding Cake Topper Mr and Mrs Topper Design With YOUR Last Name: Beach Wedding Cake Topper – 2 Mini Adirondack Chairs in 6 colors; Goldfish Mr & Mrs- Beach Wedding Cake Topper;  Rustic Beach Wedding Cake Topper; Wood Love Birds Topper, Rustic Wedding Cake Topper, Beach Theme Cake Topper,  Fishing Wedding Décor Cake Topper; Dolphin Cake Topper, Birthday or Baby Shower, Keepsake, Nursery Décor; Personalized Outdoor/ Beach Theme Wedding Cake Topper; Mermaid and Scuba Diver Wedding Cake Topper customized to your features, Super Hero Groom Save Bride Beach Wedding Cake Topper , etc.


When you order cake online in Delhi, reputed online cake shops offer the best quality cake products matching the needs of wedding cake lovers in an effective manner.

So, what are you waiting for? Just browse the most creative wedding cake photos and designs available at an online cake shop and get ready to have a sweet and unique dessert for your big day through an online cake delivery.

Cake Decorating Expert

In the modern world, cakes have become a part and parcel of all important occasions as they are harbinger of happiness and celebrations in all parts of the world. Every occasion that is celebrated without a cake is totally dull and lusterless. So, being a cake lover you need to have something different and interesting that can give your cake a stunning presentation and make it catch all eyes when it is placed on the table. All cakes look more or less same in taste until they are garnered with the finest and selective ingredients and presented with special toppings or cake toppers. Whether you are looking for birthday or anniversary cakes, make sure you have a cake that is designed and prepared by cake decorating experts.




Delhiities need to ensure that they are going to get a perfect and special cake before ensuring their choice cake via a cake delivery in Delhi. Following are some of the common cake decorating tips that all cake lovers as well cake makers or designers can use to add more flavor and style of their cakes for all important occasions and events.


Stick to the basics: The very first thing you need to follow as cake decorating tips is to stick to the basics. Remember: You need these tools, such as:

  • Featherweight pastry bags
  • Couplers for changing tips
  • An offset spatula for spreading frosting
  • A set of decorating tips
  • Food coloring in basic colors (gels blended best with butter, cream icing and liquids)

Select the best components: As you have gathered all essential items and equipment for making photo cake for a forthcoming event. It is high time to choose the best component available. There is no dearth of cake recopies available, but the following can take your cake making efforts to a new height.

  • Frosting-and-cake combinations are nearly limitless.
  • Buttercream Icing–a typical recipe with a simple, sweet flavor is awfully versatile.
  • Swiss Meringue Buttercream or Chocolate Buttercream.
  • Chocolate Fudge Cake and Moist Yellow Cake.

Get ready for the special occasion: Before you place the cake on the table and let it ready for the occasion, check if you have done everything perfectly. So, practice can help you gain confidence. Check every component or ingredient you have used as it will help you know if something has been left behind or not.



Perfect your technique: Just bend the top of the bag and apply mild pressure to push the frosting down. This way, you will be able to remove air bubbles from the cake. Finally, what you need to do is to check everything one-by-one so that you can ensure if there is any need to interfere with your decorations.

If you need more help, then ask online cake shops for a different taste that is hard to resist.

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