How to Select an Extra Special Birthday Cake?

Choosing the best cake out of thousands of cakes has been a headache for cake lovers since online cake shops came into existence. Every day thousands of people place online cake orders in Noida and get them delivered at their choice locations via a cake delivery service in Noida. Things can be more interesting as well as tough when you have to choose an extra special birthday cake for someone you love. When it comes to making cakes more personalized and touchy, photo cakes can make a real difference.

pigcake1All of us have heard of cakes that bear the name of the birthday boy or birthday girl. But photo cakes are still something different for the people who are not familiar with these cake types. Yes, a photo cake carries the real looking imprint of the images that you send to online cake shops on demand. Thanks to the wonders of the technological world where you can have a non-toxic and edible photograph which can be printed out and used as a cake decoration! When a photo cake is possible, why do not you expect a photo cake delivery in Noida.

Having a photo cake is very simple. In this process, the person wishing to have a photo cake simply gives the baker his or her favorite photograph that can be imprinted on the cake. As usual, the process of making a cake is no different apart from the use of an exact copy of the photograph with the help of an edible paper made of rice. This way the image of the photograph replaces the top of the cake that is basically covered with pink or blue flowers.


The baker will scan the provided photograph to make the photograph for the photo cake. After this, the baker prints it out on a special edible “icing paper” which is made from rice, potatoes or cornstarch. Don’t get surprised as the ink used to imprint the picture onto the icing paper is 100% hygienic as it is made from food coloring. Using the icing paper adds an extra thin layer to the birthday cake without affecting the overall look and taste of the photo cake.

So what are you waiting for as a photo is ready to rock the party and make people feel really touched? Just send your online baker you choice photograph and get ready to accept photo cake delivery in Noida when the cake delivery boy rings your bell and hand you over a cake that is made only for you.


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