10 Tips For Smooth Cake Covering

Cake decoration is both an art and a science. Being an art ii focuses on what to use to make the cake look more interesting. And as a science, it is all about making it look perfect and awesome when it comes to having a party and place it on a cake stand. In the national capital, there are numerous cake shops that offer the best decorated and perfectly garnered cakes at your doorstep with their timely and reliable online birthday cake delivery in Delhi. Be it a birthday cake, anniversary cake or a wedding cake, it is necessary that you get a cake with smooth cake covering work. Following are some tips for smooth cake covering so that you can have a flawless cake ready for your individual occasion.




You can easily have the best cake via a cake order in Delhi. But if you are interested in baking cakes or you just need to create some wonderful cakes in order to stun your loved ones on a special day, then you should stick to these simple tips to make a hard to believe fondant cake. With these tips, you will be able to make a smooth cake like a professional cake designer.

  1. Well-matched fondant: The very first thing that you need to do is to select the best fondant for the cake recipe that looks nice on the cake. You can choose from an easily dry out or stay sticky fondant.
  2. Have a clean working station: To have a dust free cake covering, it is necessary to have a neat and clean working station. It will help you save your cake covering from being ruined.
  3. Prefer a marzipan layer before covering: It will be great if you can have the marzipan layer for at least 12 hours and let the same dry and harden for having a smoother cake surface. Then, apply it smoothly.
  4. Get ready for the fondant: While making the fondant, you should keep the need of the temperature and humidity in mind as per the weather. So, you better store it in an airtight bag.
  5. Cover the marzipan: It is simply a 15-minute process. Just use a broad dark paint brush and avoid dripping. You better coat it.
  6. Roll out fondant: Use your thumb and the rolling pin to measure the fondant’s depth. Be sure that the rolled fondant complies with cake’s the size, thickness, and dimension.
  7. Lift the fondant with the rolling pin keeping the size of the fondant in mind.
  8. Roll the fondant on the cake by expelling air bubbles with your fingers.
  9. Then, trim the edges using a palette knife and render it a smooth finish.
  10. Smoothen the cracks and use pins to prick the bubbles.

IMG-20160619-WA0004 (1)

If you are placing an online cake order in Delhi, make sure your baker follow these instructions to add more decors on the cake.


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