Picture-Perfect Cake Topper Ideas

It is quite clear that cakes are something that you can’t miss at a birthday, anniversary or wedding party. Cakes have been around us for decades and they are not just round or square, chocolate or pineapple. Now, traditional cakes have been replaced by new and creative cakes: themed cakes. You can’t image themed cakes without perfect cake toppers. It is nothing but the cake topping that makes the cake look perfect for the occasion. Selective toppings play a vital role in the craft and art of cake preparation. If you are looking for the best cakes with special toppings and decors in Delhi NCR, then online cake shops in Delhi and their cake delivery service in Delhi can make things happen.


Like cakes as central attraction, the cake topper has long been a tradition at weddings. For a wedding cake, cake toppings matter the most and hold more symbolism than any other items. A cake will be totally lusterless if your baker has not shown some basic cake decorating skills. Remember: A perfect wedding cake with topping is the cake that has everyone wanting to take a picture.
Before you place an order for birthday cakes in Faridabad and get them delivered at your doorstep, let’s have a look at some of the unique ideas for creating a cake topper. Possibly it would change your mind and you will ask your online baker for more and something unique. You can also go online and search “funny wedding cake toppers” or “wedding anniversary cake topper” to see what is available online. Following are some popular cake toppers that you can use for adding more spark and glamour to your upcoming wedding.

  • Hand-crafted and spun glass cake toppers those are amazingly beautiful.
  • Silver, gold or Swarovski crystal monograms for wedding as well as birthdays.
  • Sporty cake toppers with images of a bride and a groom riding a sailboat, horseback, and racing cars.
  • Funny cake toppers in the shape of cartoon characters.
  • Vintage cake toppers
  • Character-themed cake toppers will blow both the bride and groom away.
  • Fresh fruit or sugar-crystallized fruit seems the most easy cake toppings that are arranged in an extravagant display in order to make a killer pretty picture.
  • Just be creative and see what the image of a castle can do. A castle cake or fairy castle topper resting on the top of a sculpted castle cake will steal your heart.
  • A topsy-turvy cake with a cake topper can make your day.
  • Miniature toys and polymer clay cake toppers can add a great deal of fun to a cake.
  • Flower, such as bird-of-paradise, as a cake top is a brilliant idea.


All these picture perfect cake topping ideas are unique and you can have these ideas perfectly shapes in birthday cakes in Faridabad.


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