Make a Sweet Smile to Your Beloved One with Cake n Flower

Undoubtedly, cakes and flowers are the best gifts that are enough to bring an innate smile on our faces in all corners of the world. Flowers are the best decorating materials and cakes are the best sweet dessert for all occasions. But the value of both the gift items is multiplied when you send them for someone you love from the depth of your heart. A cake can be meant for a spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, son, daughter, or someone you really care for. Then a simple looking cake becomes a special cake for your distinguished one. Be it a birthday, a wedding anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Christmas or Mothers’ day, your beloved deserves something unique and stylish that can bring everything to a halt. When you think online, online cake delivery in Delhi confirms that you will get a perfect mix of cakes and flowers that bring a flawless and sweet smile on the face of your beloved on an important day.



There are basically two ways that you try for having cakes and flowers. First, you can have cakes with floral designs on them. We have already seen some designs of cake with flowers on top. And these flowers are edible. These flowers are placed on the cake to add more appeal and character to the cake. You can also have cakes with flowers arranged in a bouquet. There are two ways for having a cake and a bunch of flowers. You can purchase them from two different shops and send them to your beloved ones via using delivery services. Another option is you can contact a cake shop in Delhi NCR that offers you the best cakes with the best flowers. Some online cakes shop also offers you the fresh blossoms of flowers in an assortment of floral arrangements to our customers. Generally, cake shops have some affiliations with flower shops. Whenever you place an order for cake, cake shops also instruct floral suppliers to send fresh and seasonal flowers so that they can match the need of the occasion in a simple manner.


Sometimes, cake shops don’t place edible flower ingredients on the top of the cake. In place they use real flowers to decorate the cake and make it look stunning. You can take these flowers out of the cake after cake cutting ceremony. You can have the best and seasonal flowers, such as daisy, rose, aster, daffodil, and lily for celebrating anniversaries. In the same manner, floral options, such as carnation, violet, lily, rose, larkspur and daisy, can be a great choice for the birthday of your beloved. And you get all these even in late hours with a midnight cake delivery in Noida and Delhi.


The combination of flowers and cakes has always been amazing since the concept of giving gifts came into existence. So, choose a floral and cake preference yourself and get ready to induce an innate smile on your beloved face today.


order eggless cake online in Delhi

It is nothing but different food habits that divide cakes lovers in two different categories: Eggless cake or with egg cake lovers. Some epicureans prefer to take eggs in their food diet whereas some of them like to avoid them. That is why there are two different varieties of cakes for cake lovers. These days, eggless cakes are in huge demand in Noida. That is why online cake shops leave no stone unturned to give cake lovers the best and highly quality cakes that are made without eggs. Noida dwellers can also expect eggless photo cakes at their doorstep with a fast and reliable photo cake delivery in Noida.


Following is a list of some top eggless cakes available online at an affordable price tag for all cake lovers. These cakes are not only for any single occasion but also they are for all occasions that you can celebrate to add more to your life. This list includes:

  • Eggless Oggy birthday cake and eggless 1st birthday cake
  • Eggless pineapple photo cake and eggless heart shaped chocolate cake
  • Eggless baby shower cakes and eggless guitar cake
  • Eggless crown fondant cake and eggless gym birthday cake
  • Eggless bow cake and eggless football birthday cake
  • Eggless congratulations cake and eggless car cake
  • Eggless birthday minion cake and eggless frozen cake
  • Eggless coffy bite photo cakes and eggless frozen birthday cake
  • Eggless princess crown cake and eggless designer cake
  • Eggless photo cake and eggless crown fondant cake

When you plan to order cake online in Delhi, you can conveniently find your choice cakes in Faridabad, Noida, Gurgaon, and Delhi. All eggless online photo cakes are for a perfect fit for all occasions and events—birthdays, anniversaries, baby shower, and other special days. When you are online and have browsed an online cake shop thoroughly for buying an eggless cake, you can simply expect the following flavor types:


  • Almond, banana, blueberry, and butterscotch
  • Caramel, carrot, cheesecake, and cherry
  • Peanut Butter, pineapple, pistachio, and vanilla
  • Walnut, white chocolate, milk chocolate, and mocha
  • Nuts, oats, expresso, and fruits
  • Gluten free, green tea, and lemon
  • Raisin, red velvet, rose, and rum
  • Sesame seeds, strawberry, and chocolate
  • Choco chip, cinnamon, cocoa, and coconut
  • Coffee, cookie, dark chocolate, and oreo

Eggless cakes from online cake shops can give you both quality cakes and a timely cake delivery service at an affordable price tag so that you can easily stun all who are ready to clap for you around the cake.

Same Day online cake delivery in Delhi

It is easy to see lots of commercial or domestic product delivery boys carrying some parcels on their bikes and searching for a location where these products are to be delivered. Today, all online users shop their choice products online and sellers also go online for selling their belongings. This is the modern concept of handing over these sold products to their relevant owners with a product delivery service. When everything is available online how can cake products lag behind? With online cake delivery in Delhi, all cake lovers can have cakes of their preference sitting at home and can get them at their doorstep with a reliable and proper cake delivery service.


The online world renders you a big opportunity to celebrate occasions in the presence of your loved ones with “handcrafted gifts” that are perfect for birthdays other popular occasion throughout the year. And for all those birthday celebrations are made possible with the same day delivery of cakes along with some surprising gifts and flowers that are ready to mingle the surprise element in order to make it a memorable moment for a lifetime. When you opt for a birthday cake delivery in Delhi through local online cake shops, you are supposed to get the following cake types for the birthday occasion. These types include:


A same day birthday cake delivery in Delhi ensures that you are going to have a wide variety of cakes within 24 hours or less. In maximum cases, you can have a cake after 3-4 hours after you place an order. Midnight cake delivery is also a part of the same day cake delivery option. If you book a cake order for your birthday around 8 p.m. or 9 p.m., then you are likely to get your order on the same day before the needle of the clock takes you in the next day. But to have a cake delivered after general working hours of the cake shop, you will have to pay some extra bucks as you are not going to have the benefit of a free cake delivery service.


The same day online cake delivery in Noida and Delhi is a boon for the people who want to throw a birthday party at a short notice. When you place an online cake order at a short notice at odd hours, online cake shops never leave anyone dissatisfied. Thanks to their same day online cake delivery service for making things happen and give them a reason to feel happy and satisfied on a big day.

An Affordable midnight cake delivery

Whether a cake is booked on the same day or at an earlier date, it is supposed that you will get the delivery of the cake free of cost. It means that the delivery boy will not ask you to pay for anything other than the price of the cake, if you have ordered for cash on delivery cake. If you have already paid online while placing the order, the delivery boy will simply deliver the cake at a destination for which it is meant for. Yet there are some cake delivery options where you have to pay some additional amount of money and midnight cake delivery is simply one of them.


If the cake is delivered at a location that is far from the bakers’ shop or the location is beyond a certain limit where cakes are delivered free of cost, then you have to pay for your order when it is delivered at your doorstep. You can have cakes are for all occasions and they can used as special gifts for the following occasions in the form of anniversary gifts; birthday gifts; bhai dooj gifts; Christmas gifts; Diwali gifts; father’s day gifts; friendship day gifts; Ganesh chaturthi gifts; get well soon gifts; Holi gifts; house warming gifts; karwa chauth gifts; mother’s day gifts; new born gifts; new year gifts; rakhi gifts; valentine’s gifts, and wedding gifts. Moreover, these cakes can ready to be delivered at your home and office via an affordable midnight cake delivery in Noida and its nearby areas.


Generally, cakes are delivered free of cost during the operational or working hours. If cake delivery time is odd and exceeds normal working hours, then users need to pay. They may be asked to pay rupee 100, 220, 300 or 500 for delivering a variety of cakes when the dark is around and almost all people are in their bed enjoying a sleep. There may be some special or common cake varieties for which you needn’t pay anything additionally as cake delivery charges. In the most cases, additional charges are applied if the cake is delivered after 10 pm.  Midnight cake delivery in Delhi, Faridabad or Noida rarely comes under the category of free deliveries, especially if it belongs to the condition of after10 p.m.


If you think of having a midnight cake and you also want not to pay any additional amount of money, then you need to talk your baker if it can offer you some discount on bulk order. If you choose to have cakes as anniversary gifts or birthday gifts from an online cake shop in Delhi, then midnight cake delivery is ready to serve you whenever and wherever you want it—but at a price tag that is affordable.


Wonder How to get cake delivery in Noida

The word, “cake,” is not a modern concept as it has roots in the history. The word stemmed from the old Scandinavian word, “kaka.” According to the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, a cake is simply any oven-baked sweet victual made from ingredients, such as butter, sugar and flour when they are mixed in a right proportion. If can peep out in the history, you find traditional style of English afternoon tea is made accomplished with a cup of hot tea and cakes. Today, cakes are a part and parcel of almost all cultures and used to celebrate different occasions. With two popular shapes madeleines and cupcakes, cakes are laid on different stands when they are ready to cut. If you are living in Noida and are looking for the best cakes, then an online cake order in Noida can make things happen for you.



Place an online cake order
Getting cakes via online cake delivery in Noida and Gurgaon is not a rocket science. By following some easy steps you can have what you want and expect for a special occasion anytime, anywhere. Noida is a big industrial city and there is no dearth of online cake shops that are ready to serve you according to your changing food habits. To have a cake of your choice, simply place an online order by entering into the website of the local cake shop. Before placing an order, it will be great if you can compare the price of cakes to have a good and affordable deal for online cakes in Noida.

Fill all relevant information in cake order forms
If you have decided your choice cake and compared the price of cake, then it is high time to move forward and ask your local cake shops for rendering you what you really want and expect. With order cake delivery online feature offered by the local cake shop, you can purchase a cake of your choice and cherish each mouthful at your leisure. Simply fill all relevant information in an online cake order form and find tempting photo cakes via a photo cake delivery in Noida.

Get ready to find the cake at your doorstep via cake delivery in Noida
When all is well and you have filled all information, it is the time when you should get ready to have your choice cake at a time furnished by you in the form. Just call all of your near and dear ones at your home or another location of your choice. When time to have a birthday cake deliverer in Noida is near, get ready to hear the sound of your door bell as someone is knocking your door. Don’t get surprised as the local cake delivery boy with a bouquet of flowers is waiting for the door being opened and giving you that is only for you.

Anniversary cake delivery online

Amazing wedding anniversary cakes are simply a symbol of the most living and sweet moments. When it comes to giving a new touch and height to celebrations of your wedding anniversary, cakes not only add more sweetness in your relationships but also function as a show stopper. Anniversary cakes are harbinger of happiness and closeness to a married couple who has just completed 1 year or another year of their marriage. There are many online cake shops in Delhi NCR that are ready to give you an unforgettable taste through an online cake delivery in Noida and its nearby areas.


A beautiful decorative cake with red flowers or the photo of the married couple is enough to steal your heart and blow your mind. Nothing can be more mesmerized and enchanting than a silver cake with red rose photo and carrying a message on the top layer of the cake. You can add more variety and colors to the cake by using beautiful border design pictures. Simply send cake shops your marriage anniversary cake image and get it printed on the cake with an edible rice layer. Happy wedding anniversary greetings with anniversary cake pictures and love quotes will bring everything to a halt on your special day.


Following is a list of some stunners that are really going to rock your wedding anniversary party you are going to throw amid the presence of your near and dear ones on an occasion that brings you and your better half close to each other. Let’s have a look at the list which contains some delicious and gorgeous anniversary cakes online that are winners and make you feel proud. The list includes:


  • Strawberry cake from scratch with a bit of natural color
  • Chocolate peanut butter ice cream cake with two layers of gluten-free chocolate cake
  • Lemon curd layer cake with lemon butter cream
  • Chocolate peanut butter cheesecake cake
  • Gorgeous chocolate ombre cake with pink pomegranate frosting
  • Mocha chocolate cake with a silky mocha Swiss meringue butter cream
  • Banana cake with Italian bailey’s Swiss meringue butter cream and salted caramel sauce
  • Rich chocolate cake filled with layers of homemade nougat, caramel, and peanuts
  • Spectacular chocolate cake with chocolate ganache and some snowed cherries
  • Almond cream cake with a homemade cooked, whipped frosting and sliced almonds.
  • Strawberry, elderflower and almond layer cake with roasted strawberry Swiss meringue butter cream
  • A vanilla buttermilk cake layered with dark chocolate ganache
  • Watermelon inspired layer cake with a fruity butter cream frosting
  • Chocolate celebration cake with a delicious chocolate flavor with a moist crumb
  • Berry Cider Cake with cake layers made with cider

If you are interested in making your forthcoming event a unique moment, then ask your local online cake shop in Delhi for anniversary cakes and online cake delivery in Noida so that you can celebrate the moment in a never before way.

Choose Best cake from cake shop in Delhi

All cakes are not same, so are their taste and flavor. That is why you would not like to invest your money on a cake that has no quality and fail to make a mark. A cake will win your heart when it is unique in terms of taste, size, type, design, and flavor. And above all, it should have the ability to make people drool over it with just a single glimpse. For having the best cake, you have to reach the best place in the form of a cake shop in Delhi. A professional and well-known online cake shop in Delhi has the complete preparation for celebrations of all major or minor occasions in the national capital of India and its nearby surroundings.




When you reach the best and popular online cake shops in Delhi, you get a reason to try a taste of the favored English cake from the 18th century and beyond. Owing their experience, knowledge and mastery in customer management with the best quality cake products, they understand what is needed by cake lovers when they place an online order, and bakers offer online buyers exactly the same that match their food habits or party needs.

Following are some of the selective cake types that you can opt for celebrating your forthcoming occasion. These cake options are simply the best and are bought by cake lovers via an online order.


  • Most Wanted cakes in Delhi: Vanilla cake, strawberry cake, butterscotch cake, coco lada cake, pineapple cake, black forest cake, and mixed fruit cake.
  • In House Special Cakes: Dark coco truffle cake, just for my love, desire cake, coco lada mousse, joy of love, Florentina cake, and coco supreme.
  • On demand designer cakes: Angry bird, barbie doll 2, chef art, dino, super hero, Swiss roll cake, theme cake, train, and wedding cake.
  • Signature Cakes: Half n half cake, wild forest cake, Sogni Di Cielo cake, mouse in the bed, swimming pool magic, a day at the jungle, mocha checkered cake, basket of love, twin heart cake, walnut wise cake, dream cruise, girl in my life, honey forgive me, stars & stripes, blue berry blues cake, and coco nova cake.

No matter what sort of cake from the mentioned-above list is chosen by you, you can easily have the same anytime, anywhere in Noida. Even, you can find your choice cakes in any part of Noida via a midnight cake delivery in Noida.


Remember: Online cake shop in Delhi are certified and recognized by the government of Delhi and follow all food preparation standards in order cake online in Delhi to give you the best cake products that are hygienic and healthy.

How to get online cake delivery in Delhi

In the online world, it is easy to place an order for any product and commodity sitting at home and get the same product delivered at your doorstep without stepping out even a single step. Moreover, online shoppers get all sorts of products of their choice at a single destination—the virtual online store. When everything is available for individual and commercial uses, how can online cake shops lag behind?  In Delhi, when you are online, you get almost all sorts of cakes available in the world via a cake delivery service. Whether you go online for having a wedding or a birthday cake, online anniversary or online birthday cake delivery in Delhi matters the most.


When it comes to getting the best and flawless cakes for all occasions in Delhi and its nearby areas, you can easily bank upon a reputed and professional online cake shop that deals in the following cake types and ensures an online cake delivery in DelhiHave a look at the following categories for special cakes for almost all occasions. These categories include:


  • Anniversary cakes; baby shower cakes; back to school; birthday cakes; and voyage cakes
  • Celebrity cakes; christening cakes; Christmas cakes; and congratulations cakes
  • Corporate cakes; design your own cakes; and driving test cakes
  • Easter cakes; emoji cakes; engagement cakes; and father’s day cake
  • Get well soon cakes; good luck cakes; and graduation & exams cakes
  • Halloween cakes; hen party cakes; Holy Communion cakes; and humor cakes
  • Keep calm and carry on cakes; and love & friendship cakes
  • Lovely brightside cakes; mother’s day cakes; and new baby cakes
  • New cake designs; new home cakes; and new job cakes
  • One direction; retirement cakes; rakhi cakes; and say it with a cake
  • Sorry cakes; teddy cakes; and thank you cakes
  • Thank you teacher cakes and Valentine’s cakes

Placing online cake order in Noida is a very easy and convenient process that everyone can simply follow after abiding by special instructions and filling all adequate information needed to deliver you a cake product at your preferred destination.

  • First of all, go to a popular online cake shop.
  • Check all available cake options matching your specific needs and wants.
  • Choose a specific one on the basis of weight, size, design, flavor or price.
  • Fill all details, such as your name, address, date of delivery and other relevant information.
  • Make online payment or pay later via cash on delivery.
  • Confirm your order and your cake delivery time.

These simple steps confirms that you are going to have your choice cake delivered at your home or office at a time that suits you the most in the national capital of India.

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