What You Need to Know About the Wedding Cake Box

Gift giving has been one of the oldest customs in almost all cultures and traditions. People like to share gifts on a number of occasions and wedding is simply one of them. Sending and receiving gifts make both the sender and finder feel happy and full of life. Wedding cakes are also a part and parcel of the gift giving process where both bride and groom get special gifts from their relatives and all those who come to attend the function. We can’t imagine a cake that is not properly boxed. That is why anniversary cakes should be well-packed and enclosed in beautiful looking wedding cake boxes that are made only for the happy occasions. The same boxes can also be used for offering cakes to family members, friends, and guests.


 If you are looking for a great way to share your wedding cake, then you simply need to rely upon wedding cake boxes. Interestingly, these boxes can also be used as boxes for keeping some edible stuff, like chocolates, candy or other treats. In addition, they can also be used properly in order to decorate the reception tables. We have a range of cake boxes to suit your taste and theme. You can have these boxes from online gift store or a cake shop near you, and also get them delivered at your doorstep with birthday cake delivery in Noida, Faridabad or any other nearby area. There are three broad categories of anniversary cake boxes:

  • Board wedding cake boxes
  • Cane/natural material cake boxes for wedding
  • Clay wedding cake boxes

Within these 3 categories, there are lots of cake boxes that you can easily avail from leading online cake shops. These include:

  • Round Bamboo cake basket and Betel Leaf Wedding Cake Box/ Lamp
  • Bride Cake Box (Bride Box Only) and Butterfly Framed Cake Box
  • Cake and Sweet Box and Cake Basket – bamboo, Clay, Oval or Square
  • Cake box with Laser cut Design and Cake Box with Swans
  • Cake Box- Sea Shell and Cane Winnowing Fan
  • Chair Shape Cake Box and Chest Wedding Cake Box
  • Cute Couple Wedding Cake Box and Dark Red & Gold Wedding Cake Box
  • Designer Floral Cake Box and Dove Wedding Cake Container
  • Dull Gold and Cream Cake Box and Dull Gold Floral Wedding Cake Box
  • Embossed Homecoming Cake Box and Floral Border Wedding Cake Box
  • Floral Embossed Wedding Cake Box and Floral Padded Cake Box – Rectangular
  • Floral Two Compartment Cake Box and Gold & Black wedding Cake Box
  • Gold Floral Wedding Cake Box and Gold Lace Wedding Cake Box
  • Heart Wedding Cake Box and Heart Woven Cake Box

These boxes can be customized with colorful papers to match the color theme. You can also make them personal with the help of a cake shop that deals in photo cake delivery in Noida, Delhi and Faridabad. In addition, you can have boxes that are printed with your names and wedding date. Don’t forget to add a personalized thank you message on the cake box.

Top 5 Birthday cake design for girls

What boys like is not necessary that the same is liked by the girls. There is a huge difference between the taste and style of the two. That is why online cake shops make cakes for both the boys and girls differently. Little girls who live in the world of fairies and dreams are not going to expect anything less than perfection. On their birthdays, they are special; that is why they deserve to be treated special. From simple cartoon characters cakes to beautifully rose clad cakes and from Barbie doll cakes to Cinderella cakes, there is a long list of cakes that your girl can choose to make things happen on her 1st, 10th, 13th,  sweet 16th or 18th birthday when she turns adult. Do you know what a girl really wants on her day when you plan to place a cake order in Delhi?



All girls have their own preferences when it comes to choosing a best birthday cake. It is said that little girls love to get everything pink, from beginning to end. If you have decided to order a cake online in Delhi for a girl, all you need to understand if it matches the needs of the occasion and the taste of the girl. If she loves pink, you better try a cake in pink color with 2 or 3 tiers with exquisite toppings over the pink cake.


A round shaped birthday cake delivery with a pinky bag on the top is enough to celebrate your girlfriend’s birthday. This cake will definitely stun her when she answers the doorbell and find an online cake in the midnight at her door. The cake will make your girlfriend fall in love again with you when she accepts it from the cake delivery boy through a birthday cake delivery in Delhi or Faridabad. Interestingly, this pinky cake is only for her in a number of flavors—Black Forest, Pineapple, Strawberry, Butter Scotch, Chocolate, and Vanilla.


Another cake that will compel you not to believe on your eyes is no-bake frozen birthday cake. Simply, this sort of no bake castle cake is where you will see some character celebrating occasions within a castle that looks like a fairy land.

When it comes to make her happy, your little girl will fall in love with this cake as it simply delivers a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. With the presence of pretty butterfly cupcakes, she and her party guests will like to take a feast on the chocolate coins.

Another oh-so party birthday cake is a letter birthday cake that starts with her name initials. This fancy birthday cake with fondant icing and hundreds of heart shape candies is enough to say that this cake is made only for her.

Above all, it is a princess birthday designer cakes that wins the race of cakes that will be liked and preferred by all girls without any doubt.

Ideas for Personalized Birthday Cakes

Cakes are special sweet desserts that are served to guests when any event is celebrated among a group of people. Although there are numerous occasions when you can easily expect cakes, yet the value and delight of a best birthday cake is beyond description. How can we forget our childhood days when we used to cut cakes and people around us clapped when we started blowing out candles and our knife started cutting of the designer cakes? Birthday party cakes are liked by everyone. That is why you should understand the tricks and suggestions to make birthday more personalized. In the national capital Delhi, there are hundreds of popular cake shops where you will get an extensive array of beautiful and yummy cakes that are ready to add more colors and fun to your forthcoming birthday party. Moreover, the cake shop offers you an online birthday cake delivery in Delhi.

All of us love to have a cake that represents our individual preference and food habits. Cakes should be chosen on the basis of flavor, taste, design, size, and ingredients used to make the cake. If you are going for a best designer cake and photo cake for kids between 1-5 years, then you need to have cakes that are simply designed by cake artists. Cake designers have a better idea of how to make birthday cakes more personalized. Their imagination and cake designing expertise make them the right person to decide the best cake for little cherubs. For kids aged between 1-5 years, you can try Doremon cake, moto paltu cake, Mickey Mouse cake, chota bheem cake or any other cakes that are inspired by cartoon characters. Moreover, having a photo on the cake which is made of edible rice can bring individuality to a cake that is meant for someone you love. Interestingly, you can have a photo cake delivery in Delhi.

If any cake has a photographic image of a kid, a young on, a mature one or old people, it conveys a message. Whenever you see an image on the cake made of edible rice; within a second, you can understand for whom this cake is meant for. These days, all cake shops or online bakery shop in Delhi is giving a special emphasis on cakes that are made from the quality ingredients and give you a reason to throw a party. To make a cake more personal, it is vital you talk to your local cake shops and send them a photograph that can be easily laid to the cake in the form of an edible rice layer. After having your image, bakers prepare a layer that covers the cake and is elegantly placed on the cake as a cake topper. If you don’t think a photo cake will do things in favor, then you can try photographs of your favorite celebrity, TV star, or any famous cartoon character.

Looking for Best Cakes in Delhi

All cakes are not same as they are different in terms of taste, flavor, size, and price factor. But one thing that make all different cake same is their value and importance for a particular occasion. There is no dearth of a wide and exhaustive variety of cakes for cake lovers in the national capital of India. Online shopping has made its impact and allured people go by it without stepping even a single step out of their houses. That is why order cake online in Delhi is the new option which attracts people for searching their choice cakes from their smart phones and desktops with internet. If you are looking for best birthday cake in Delhi, first you need to think what is best for you.

As the word ‘best’ has not particular definition, but it simply indicates to the designer made, high quality products made from the finest quality ingredients using the modern techniques. Above all, it is the needs and food preferences of cake lovers that make any cake special or ordinary for different occasions.

Cakes are the best when they are created by experts keeping the factors of quantity and quality in the mind. A right proportion always matters the most to make a cake simply the best so that cake lovers can find everything in it. There is a long list of cakes recipes that are always ready to impress and it includes:

 Ultimate chocolate fudge cake

 Classic Victoria sponge cake

 A banana cake recipe

 Light-as- air lemon chiffon cake

 Orange layer cake

These five great cake options will be preferred by you in something sweeter, fruity, chocolaty, or lighter. These cakes can be simply your bigger weakness when you put your first glimpse on any of them. As you always has a reason to have cake to celebrate a birthday, a wedding anniversary or any other occasion of equal importance, you can’t make things happen in the absence of a cake: the best birthday cake.


Another thing that always matters the most in your search for the best is the baking of a beautiful cake. Good bakers know that it doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful. For them, baking itself should be simple enough. If you are interested in having something more detailed and show-stopping, then it is high time to invest some time on the decorating so that your cake can make an impression. Whether you are searching for traditional or modern cake recipes online, online cake delivery in Delhi catches all eyes as it helps you have common and special flavors.


If you are a real cake lover, then all you need to do is to pick a delicious cake depending on the need and utility of the occasion. Hope, these simple suggestions can help you get the best you are really looking for.

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