10 Quick Tips about Delivery

When you reach different cake websites, they welcome you and urge you to be a part of their cake website. They like to show you everything that can make you get attracted to the cakes sold by them. Of course, cake websites are there to make new customers and retain existing customers with cake products and services. But the main thing is how capable these cake sites are when it comes to online cake delivery in Delhi NCR and its surrounding areas. Let’s go through the following 10 Quick Tips about the cake delivery that makes a real difference on a special occasion.


When you have fresh cakes prepared from the best ingredients and garnered with best decoration materials, all you need to know what makes a designer or a photo cake delivery in Delhi really happening.

  1. Delivery cost is the first thing that needs your consideration. Although all cake shops are likely to offer free cake delivery service, yet in some cases cake lovers have to add some burden on their pockets if the time of delivery is after working hours.
  2. A well-prepared cake is easier to pack and carry on any type of vehicle. If a cake product is delivered safely, it is sure that is made to perfection for all conditions.
  3. Time management always matters the most for delivering cakes in time. Always ask your cake delivery boys to leave the office before one hour in advance so that they face no difficulties during the odd traffic conditions.
  4. If cake delivery boys face any sort of inconvenience in finding the location where the cake is to be delivered, then ask boys to call the right person for the right route.
  5. Never forget to take an alternative phone number from the cake lovers. It will help you contact him or her even when a number is not working.
  6. Ask your cake delivery boys to deliver the cake before the event gets started. Never keep the guests in the waiting queue.
  7. Also make sure you are delivery the same cake that was ordered by cake lovers through an online order.
  8. Check the air pressure and fuel of the vehicle as it will help you avoid any sort of inconsistency that can prevent you from delivering the cake in time.
  9. Also deliver flowers and gifts to the person if it is an order for a combo birthday cake in Gurgaon. If not, it can make the delivery boy face the wrath of the cake lovers.
  10. The last but not least thing that you as a cake delivery boy need to keep in mind is etiquettes that always matters the most. Etiquettes from the cake delivery boy help online cake shop earn a reputation in the market.

If these tips are followed, it will bring positive results and make the midnight cake delivery service unforgettable.

Make Her Birthday Special With A Online Cake Delivery from yummycake

She is lovely, innocent, creative, and feels delighted when she has everything around her of choice and preferences. Yes, we are taking about girls and their special occasions that make them feel special and on the top of the world. Every girl dreams of a special birthday. And when she has a loving and caring boyfriend, she expects from him a special wish. If you want to make your love lady happy by giving a special edge to her birthday, then select a delicious and beautiful cake and send the same to her to show your love and affection. These days, cakes are designed in such a way that they speak more than what you want to convey.

Cake shops in Faridabad are offering a range of designer cakes that have a colorful and loving message. On the other hand, you can also have a birthday cake that gets the beautiful photo of yours on the cake – you can make your girlfriend remind of some romantic times through the beautiful photo cake.

Here are some important options that you can consider while selecting special best birthday cake for her:

  • Truffle cake
  • Black Forest Chocolate Cake
  • Red Rose with Cake
  • Heart Shape Chocolate Cake
  • Strawberry Cake with Elegant Roses
  • Fresh Fruit Cakes
  • Butterscotch Cake
  • Special Personalized Message cake
  • Heart Shape truffle Cake
  • Photo cake

So these are some romantic options that you can consider while selecting a birthday cake for her. If you visit an online store, you will see all these cakes categorized in a separate section that you select and order cake online in Faridabad without any problem.

In addition to these options, you should also think about the flavor that your girlfriend prefers. As you know her liking and disliking, you should be quite a careful while choosing a birthday cake for her. You need to check if the select birthday cake can make a real difference in the overall birthday bass. Here are some popular flavors that you can consider while selecting a birthday cake: Chocolate flavor, Pineapple flavor, Fresh Fruit cake, Italian Almond cake, Chocolate Orange flavor, Red Velvet cupcake, Lemon Vanilla, Chocolate Walnut Chocolate, and Blueberry Cheesecake.

These are some popular flavors for birthday cake especially for your girlfriends. Before you select a cake, you need to check if the selected flavor of your cake does have the flavor that your girlfriend likes.

If you want to make her remember the day forever and you don’t want to miss out the opportunity to show your love, then start browsing an online store and select a perfect birthday cake delivery for her based on her liking and disliking. But be careful, you should consider all the important things while selecting a delicious birthday cake.

Special New Year Combo Offer 2017

As the year 2017 is just around the corner and you are planning to make this New Year celebration a special one, it is important to know about the way how you can make the things memorable with awesome options that you can use to make the year 2017 special for your friends and loved ones.


If you want to make a special happy New Year in 2017, then go through the following details and check if you can make the best selection.

When it comes to selecting an awesome special New Year combo offer for the year 2017, there appear a number of options available with online stores wherein you can visit and select your preferred offer. As the New Year celebration is followed Christmas and you have recently experienced how a delicious cake has made your Christmas celebration a memorable one, you can once again think about the same way how you have done with the Christmas.


One of the most beautiful options in the best New Year cakes for the celebration is selecting delicious and designer cakes for the New Year 2017. Some of the best designs or flavors for the cake may comprise of chocolate cakes, fruit cake, dark forest, photo cake, and many more. You can select a particular one based on your preferences and taste.

On the other hand, there are some also options for New Year gifts available with the New Year gifts online stores. With the availability of designing and awesome gifts options, you can select a perfect one and present the same to your dear friend so as to make him/her feel special on the very special day. By visiting an online store, you have a freedom to choose a best New Year cake and gift. Select a particular gift item that owns contemporary design and appearance.


But as always, you should check if the select online store does have contemporary designs in several options. On the other side, it is also important to know if the online store does have a delivery mechanism so that you can get your preferred item delivered at your door step in a real time. We are hardly a month away from saying hello the New Year after celebrating Christmas and enjoying long holidays. When it comes to inviting something to our life, we mark the same with sweet desserts and nothing can be more interesting and welcoming than a yummy cake that comes around with a beautiful bunch of seasoned flowers.

So before you get late, you would better start looking for a perfect option and get ready for the time. It is a good opportunity for you to find the best New Year combo offer at affordable price. So rush to the online store and select a reliable gift store and place your order for a beautiful offer.

How To Get It Right Ordering And Delivering A Cake Online

With the introduction of e-commerce and cashless transactions, people have got many of their requirements easy and convenient to fulfill – be it purchasing grocery items or booking a beautiful best birthday cake, everything is now eased and simplified through the online stores. With the advent of electronic ways of buying and selling domestic or commercial goods, the face of older physical location visiting has changed completely. When everything is on sale at online platforms, how can cakes lag behind in the race of competition…

But have you ever thought of some important things before selecting an online store. It is quite a fact that the online stores have simplified our shopping habits, but some points should always be considered properly. If you are planning to buy cakes in Faridabad from the online stores, then you would better consider the following points:

  • Select a reliable online store

First of all, you need to select a store that can help you find a perfect birthday cake in a real time. When you have a plan to celebrate a memorable birthday party, then it is important to check if your booking is delivered on very exact time what you have specified.

To meet the customers, requirements, some online cake delivery service providers come up with a midnight delivery service especially for the birthday and anniversary celebration.

In addition to it, while choosing a reliable online store, you should also check if the select store does have a complete range of cake available in different color, designs, and flavor.

  • Delivery service mechanism

Though it is somehow a technical term that very few customers do consider about it, you should never ignore the point as it is necessary to ensure that the booked cake will be delivered to your address right through a reliable delivery mechanism.

To check it effectively, you can go through the costumers’ testimonies to check if the online store delivers the cake on the time specified while booking a cake. On the other hand, cake delivery service in Delhi should be powered by a robust mechanism that can ensure your booked cake is delivered undamaged.

  • Select a good option from the online store

Finally, you have to get the best option for your planned birthday party. While you select a birthday cake delivery from the online store, you should think about the liking and disliking of the person you are planning to throw the party for. Make a checklist having his/her liking for the design and flavor.

As the popular designs and flavors for birthday cake are all available at the online stores, you can easily sort out your preferences based on your priority. So it’s all about your preference for the birthday cake, you can make the day a memorable one with the help of online cake delivery service.

Top 10 Birthday cake for girls

As you already know, no birthday party is said to be a memorable one without a delicious cake. And if you are planning to throw a birthday party for your love lady, then it becomes rather more important to get a delicious cake that can reflect your love and romantic mood. It is of high importance to select a perfect birthday cake that can suite your love lady’s preferences.


Here are top 10 popular birthday cake delivery that you can consider while selecting a birthday cake for your love lady:

Before you go for selecting an anniversary cakes, Photo cake you would better have a checklist of all preferences of your much-loved lady. And it is also important to for you to make sure the online cake delivery in Faridabad will be shipped in a real time – if it is delivered in the midnight, you must book that deal.


Pink Fondant Cake         

Fondant cake is said to be the most exciting option that offers a wide-ranging designs for you. And some of the online cake stores are offering the cake in even the pink color.

Black Forest Chocolate Cake

If your love lady loves chocolate, then Black Forest chocolate cake will also help you create a wonderful aura.

Teddy Bear cake

As girls are fond of cute teddy bear, you can draw their fondness on the birthday cake.

Photo cake

If you want to make your love remember the best moment of her life on her birthday, then select a photo cake delivery in Delhi and portrait a beautiful cake on the cake.

Designer cake

Designer cakes come in different designs that can help you reflect your emotion. Select a particular one that you can show your love.

Heart Shape Cake

Heart shape cake in different designs can help you easily make your emotions more laudable.


Rainbow birthday cake

If you take a look at the available options for Rainbow birthday cakes, you will get amazed to see how the cake makers have designed the cake with different rainbow designs.

Square or Round cake with Message

On the other hand, you can also get a message on the cake that can speak of your romantic mood. Get your message printed properly on the cake, provided that the size of your birthday cake is perfect.

Burger Cake

As your love lady’s taste and preferences should always be on the top, you can also draw her fondness for burger as a design for your select birthday cake.

Combo Cake

Last but not the least; you can also go for a combo cake that comprises of roses, chocolates, and a beautiful cake. Select an online cake deliver service provider and place an order for a midnight cake delivery service.


Send Cakes Online On Your Brother’s Anniversary

If your brother’s wedding anniversary is just around the corner and you are quite confused what to do to make the day a memorable one for home, then simply take a deep breath, sit back, and think about online stores that can help you find some extraordinary options at even more affordable deal.




Today with the increasing popularity of online stores across the nation, it is now quite easy and convenient to get a beautiful and delicious cake that can reflect your happiness and emotion towards your brother.

But it all depends on the way how you will decide over the cake in terms of design, color, flavor, and other important points. As you are planning to give an edge to the celebration in your own way, it is important for you to think about some important things while selecting anniversary cakes for your bother.



And if you are online and you have browsed some popular online cake stores, then it is moderately easy for you to sort out a beautiful cake based on these important things. There is no need to go through the conventional way and waste your important time. So, let’s have some details over the available options available at anniversary cake online stores that you can consider about:


Design and decoration:
Apart from all important elements, design & decoration should be on your prime memo. As you can also understand, an anniversary cake can only be the best choice if it has been selected based on the design and decoration. Online stores have created a separate category containing different designs and decorations. Once you visit the category and see the list of available products, you will find some extraordinary options in the category.



Some of the popular designs for anniversary cakes may include the following options:

  • Black Forest Chocolate Cake
  • Truffle Cake
  • Red Velvet Cake
  • Dutch Chocolate Cake
  • Combo Surprise including cakes, chocolates, and flowers
  • Designer Cakes
  • Photo Cake
  • Fresh Fruit Cake



On the other hand, you need to think about the flavor that makes your brother delightful. So can you miss out his favorite cake flavor on his anniversary? If you visit online Faridabad cake delivery shop, you can find some of the best and popular flavors. Here are some popular flavors that you can consider while selecting an anniversary cake:

  • Blueberry Cheese Cake
  • Choco-Fruit Cake
  • Eggless Crunchy Chocolate Cake
  • Oreo Cake
  • Wild Forest Cake

The list of above mentioned cake is just a glimpse of what you can have when you are online. Choose the best one and send the same cakes online on your brother’s anniversary so that he can feel your love and affection. So these are some popular options that you can think about while selecting a particular anniversary cake for your brother’s anniversary. Go online and save on your budget and time as well.

Show you love by sending gifts online

Happiness and love become far-reaching when shared with others. And it becomes even more pleasurable when the things are delivered in a real time. With an objective to make it true for you, some promising online cake and gifts delivery service providers are offering their prompt services to provide you with a beautiful option round the clock.

If you are looking forward to showing your love and affection, then sending cakes or gifts on your darling’s special day will probably the best occasion you can go for. Even some of the best cake shops in Delhi do go farther by offering midnight cake delivery services, which you can avail to show your love in a real time.

With the dedicated customer service mechanism, the online cake deliver shops do truly understand what makes you happy. Now there is no need to think again and again about your plan, simply visit a website, book your preferred gift and place the order. Here, you have to set your preference that when you want the gift delivered at the specified address. It will surely be the most beautiful moment for your love lady.

As far as the options for romantic gifts and cakes are concerned, you will have a different range of products available in the stores. Here are the options that you can consider while selecting cakes or gifts for your beloved.

Romantic gifts: roses in heart shape, pink rose basket, admirer her, basket of chocolates, big love comprising roses and cake, chocolate bouquet, teddy bear, and love combo items that are simply out of the world and bring a huge relief on the face of people for whom these are really made for.

Romantic Cakes: Cakes can also be the most alluring gifts for showing your love. If you want to take the occasion by storm with the help of alluring cakes, then you can think about online cake delivery in Noida:

  • Heart Shape truffle Cake
  • Heart Shape Black Forest Cake
  • Choco Vanilla Cake
  • Brown Velvet
  • Photo Cake having an image of your love
  • Rich Chocolate Truffle
  • Hear Shape Cake with Special Message

So these are some options that you can consider while selecting a beautiful gift for your love. In addition, some of the online stores offer a specific category dedicatedly including only those products that can best be used for showing your love. You can place your cake order in Faridabad at any point in time and get the product in a real time.

Nothing can be the best moment for you than seeing your beloved happy, and when it is his/her special day, and then it’s your prime objective to send a beautiful gift to the specified address.

Christmas Cake designs

Christmas has been a wonderful and auspicious occasion when the people celebrate the birth of Lord Christ Jesus and the celebration goes for a long week. Though there are so many things with people to include in the celebration, however an awesome cake makes a difference in the overall celebration by adding delicious and a good taste to the Christmas.

In today’s Christmas celebration, housewives across the globe bake an awesome cake and try to give a fantastic taste to the celebration using awesome cake. With the help of modern-day designs and cake recipes, it is quite easy to prepare Christmas cakes in your home.

In this write-up, we will talk about the popular Xmas cake designs that you can use to make the best celebration.

Winter woodland Christmas cake:

As Christmas falls in the winter season, you can get inspired by several winter designs. Winter Woodland Christmas cake is somehow one of the few popular designs that leave a memorable impact on the people.

Snowflake Christmas cake:

It is also related to the winter collections that reflect the season. The elegant snowfall design can help you create a classy and impressive ambience in the celebration.

Chocolate Christmas tree cake:

Chocolate has always been a great flavor and when it comes to the cake, it is somehow the most useful idea to make the celebration perfect. If you love chocolate, then you must think about the Christmas chocolate cake design.

Santa Claus Christmas Cake:

How can you forget Santa Claus when celebrating the Christmas – it is the most popular design that you can select for your Christmas celebration. Though it comes in different designs, yet you can it more awesome by adding a picture of Santa Claus onto the cake.


Christmas Fruit cake:

Fruit cakes do have their importance when it comes to the design and flavor of a cake. With a number of Christmas fruit cake available with the cake delivery service provider.

So these are some popular designs that you can think about when celebrating Christmas. On the other hand, you can also visit some online cake delivery service providers and check the available designs. They have an outstanding delivery service that you can use to get the cake delivered on the dot. It can be the best idea if you don’t want to go out for purchasing a cake.

All mentioned-above Christmas cake designs are simply the best and overcome all expectations when they are ordered online and are accepted by cake lovers on the auspicious occasion of Christmas. So get ready to spread love and happiness around as Christmas is coming ahead this month.

And if you have to bake a cake on your own, you can collect some recipe ideas a make a perfect one to create a delicious ambience.

Business of Gifts and cakes

Cakes are undoubtedly the ultimate element for celebration of all kinds – whether it is birthday, wedding anniversary, or other events. Whatever the event you are planning to celebrate, a beautiful, delicious and yummy cake will give an edge to your celebration. But it all depends on the way how you select a cake, and which design you prefer for the particular event.

In today’s celebration, the way of enjoying moment has changed a little bit. Instead, cakes and gifts have come up as the most appealing things that every person looks forward to adopting the things in their celebration. What is important is the design and flavor that make a real change.


Online cake delivery in Delhi NCR has made it quite more convenient for the people through responsive mechanism. We can see a number of people approaching online stores simply because of the convenience and suitability that they find at the online stores. There is a range of reasons that keep the online store apart from the conventional marketplace and stores.



Here, in this write-up we will talk about some convenient options that you can avail to get a beautiful and delicious sweet cake.


Before you start looking for a beautiful cake and gift, you need to have a checklist containing all the elements regarding your preferences, party theme, flavor, likings & disliking, and many more. Though you require a personalized, customized cake and gift, it is important to take care of every personal detail that makes the particular individual cheerful.



First of all, you should sort out the available options in terms of design. With growing demand for personalized cakes, the online midnight cake delivery service providers have concentrated their major efforts over the design and decoration that can add an aroma to the overall celebration.


If you are planning to celebrate your love lady’s birthday or your wedding anniversary, then you better go for romantic cakes and gifts. Some of the online cake stores do have separate categories for different cakes. Simply sort out the options and click on romantic cakes and select a particular one that can make your better half happy – heart shaped cakes are the most popular options these days for expressing your emotions. In addition to it, many of the users do also prefer using photo cake to send an enticing message to their better half.



Secondly, it comes to the flavor that you need to consider very carefully. Flavor makes a great difference, as it is directly related to the personal preferences. You can select a particular one from the popular options such as chocolate cake, fresh fruit cake, dark forest chocolate cake, and many more. Cake home delivery in Faridabad can add an aspect to your celebration by bringing your cake in a real time.

So, this is how you can make your celebration more celebrating with the help of online cake delivery service provider.

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