Tips for Anniversary Cakes

Every type of anniversary has its own relevance as it simply calls for the celebration. It clearly and eagerly makes one remember the magic and pleasure of the best days of his or her life. When it comes to celebrating any anniversary with fun and happiness around, the thing matters the most is a perfect cake made of the finest cake ingredients in superb designs and flavors. Without any doubt, having an anniversary cake is nothing more than a child’s play and getting the same anniversary cakes online is pretty easier. Yet, there are few things that one should keep in mind when it actually comes to execute the order and get the same sweet dessert sitting at home.


These few things are nothing but basic requirements for the cake that you really need to consider for having a fresh and hygienic cake that marks the occasion in an effective manner. Taste is another thing that you can’t take lightly. In addition, there are 5 useful tips that you need to consider for having a perfect anniversary cake and getting the same at your doorstep via an anniversary cake delivery in Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad, or any other areas surrounding the national capital of India.



  1. Decide the flavor of the cake as it is of prime importance and matters the most. Just choose a flavor that is liked and proffered by a large number of people.
  2. Count the average number of people taking part in the celebration tonight and place the order accordingly. If a number of guests is higher than your count, then it can make you feel humiliated.
  3. Choose the best online cake shop in Delhi NCR that commits you the right yummy cake for the right occasion.
  4. Also, ensure that you better decide and fix your budget without being so hard on your pocket. These days, one can easily avail the best and delicious cakes at an affordable price tag with free and on time delivery services.
  5. Another thing that you should not forget is to place the order well before the time of celebration and get it delivered on time. When an order is given in time, you also get the same order executed before time.

There are some popular cake shops that deal in the making, selling, and supplying of anniversary cakes online as per cake lovers needs on the occasion of their anniversaries. Yummy cake is simply one of them that not only delivers a wide variety of luscious cakes but also overcomes all expectations.




At a good website, you are supposed to have all sorts of anniversary cake designs pictures. If you like to spend time online, then you can make a big difference by trying some anniversary cake designs on Pinterest. With options of anniversary cakes with name edit and anniversary cake ideas for parents, friends, and family, you can take things to the next level.

The 9 Best Things about Chocolate Truffle Cake

Cake lovers may have a good idea of a chocolate truffle cake as it is simply a soft sweet dessert which is made of a chocolate mixture. This dessert lets you get lost in an unforgotten taste when it is found covered with the best cocoa and flavored with rum. Any cake prepared with chocolate truffle is enough to steal your heart when you find that cake resting on your table after getting it as an anniversary or birthday cake delivery in Delhi.


Following are the 9 best things about a chocolate truffle cake that every cake lover should know before he or she book an online order and get the same at his or her doorstep via a day or midnight cake delivery in Delhi. These best things also include 7 common types of chocolate truffles that make a big difference when it comes to having the best choco cakes for a number of occasions.


  1. American Truffle: It is a unique combination of chocolates (dark or milk) plus butterfat and coconut oil.
  2. Belgian Truffle: It gives birth to a perfect party cake for all important occasions. It is simply an outcome of chocolate filled with icing sauce, buttercream or nut pastes.
  3. California Truffle: This truffle type is more or less similar to the French truffle and the only difference is its size. These days, this sort of truffle is used to make popular cakes as it has almost become a craze.
  4. 4.       European Truffle: It is another popular truffle type along with American and Swiss truffle. It induces a big difference with a unique mix of the following ingredients: fats, cocoa powder, milk powder, fats, etc.
  5. French Truffle: A perfect amalgamation of chocolate and fresh cream mixed with cocoa or nut powder.
  6. Swiss Truffle: It is famous truffle type that is a unique mix of melted chocolate, cocoa powder, dairy cream, and butter. Due to its short life, it is advised that any photo cake made of Swiss truffle should be consumed as soon as possible.
  7. Vegan Truffle: The thing about this truffle type is that you can have this in any shape and flavor of your choice. The most interesting part of this truffle is its vegan diets preferred over butter and nut milk.
  8. Cakes that are made of chocolate truffle own some nutrients including calories, fat, carbohydrate, cholesterol, sodium, or protein.
  9. It is the layer of truffle over the top of the cake that makes a big difference.


These nine top facts are enough to say why chocolate cakes with truffle are a big reason to invite people around you on a surprise party. Get ready to have a variety of cakes made of choco truffle via a cake home delivery in Faridabad or its nearby areas.

The 8 Best Things About Anniversary Cakes

Can you name a sweet dessert or food that creates excitement when it reaches your table? If you are right, we are just talking about sweet cake for a birth or wedding or work anniversary.  Luscious cakes from cake designers made of high-quality ingredients with a punch of flavors and textures are ready to make things happen in your favor. The only thing that you have to do is to know what is available around and what makes you feel happy and satisfied when it is an occasion of individual importance. And this event is celebrated with anniversary cakes that you get via an anniversary cake delivery in Delhi and its nearby areas.


Before you look for designer cakes in Delhi and place an online anniversary cake with name, make sure you know about best things about the cakes you are going to purchase online. Anniversary means another year of a successful journey with someone you love. That is why the cake should be unique and special with meticulously picked and used edible ingredients.


When you need prime attention grabbers, just try the following cakes:

         Angel food cake with lime, coconut, and blood orange buttercreams

         Baked pistachio cake with honey buttercream

         Banana cake with well-balanced flavors and textures carrying four distinctive fillings and toppings

         Black forest cake dark chocolate cakes, cherries, whipped cream

         Gâteau de Bayou with toasted salty caramel meringue

         Lemon cake filled with layers of caramel, lemon cream, and lemon-grapefruit curd

         Red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting

         Toasted almond cake with mascarpone cream and amarena cherries

         Vanilla cake with pistachio and apricot butter creams

Whether you opt for an anniversary or birthday cake delivery, you will definitely get any of the above-mentioned designer cake at your doorstep. Just think of a time and a location; you will get these cakes through a yeoman service that is made only to serve you the way you want and expect from the online world. When you are online, you get a chance to make your cake more individual and add more personal touch using anniversary cakes with name and photo editor.


If your wedding anniversary, birth anniversary, or a work anniversary is round the corner, it is high to share your happiness with your near and dears ones. As it is time to recreate the magic and make everyone feel exalted, you can’t make a big difference if you have no ordered a tantalizing anniversary cake.


An exquisitely decked cake can make your party go to the next level as it provides you just an opportunity to get lost in the pool of sweetness. So get ready to add extra cuteness to your warm relationships with a sumptuous range of anniversary cakes carrying yours with name and love.

The 7 Best Things About Birthday Cake Delivery

If you are looking forward to celebrating your birthday in a different way this year, then you should firstly start with the most important thing – choosing a right birthday chocolate cake. Nothing can be as much interesting as selecting your preferred birthday cake based on your taste and other preferences.



Here in this write-up, we will talk about seven best things about the birthday cake delivery, which will help you find the best online delivery service provider so that you can place cake order in Delhi.

Wide range of birthday cake in different flavors and designs

First of all, it comes to the online stores that offer a range of birthday cake in different flavors and designs. If you choose a reputed online cake store, then the possibility to find a range of birthday cake becomes higher.

Designer birthday cake
As the popularity of designer cakes in Faridabad people has ballooned in last few years, the online stores are offering a range of designer cakes for different occasions. You can select a particular one from the modern designer cake.



Fast delivery service
As Online stores are basically best known for its prompt delivery services, you can choose a fast midnight cake delivery service for your birthday cake so that you can get the one in a real time.

Midnight delivery
On the other hand, midnight cake delivery has a great importance when you are planning for a birthday party. While selecting an online cake store, you need to ensure the select online store offer a midnight cake delivery service.


Budget birthday cake

Most importantly, selecting a budget cake has always been one of the preferred things that everyone wants. Online cake delivery service in Delhi NCR provider offers a range of budget cake in different colors and flavors. 

Flexibility in available options
You will find flexibility in the available options. You don’t need to stick with the options for always. The store will provide a number of options related to your set preferences.


Matching your preferences
Lastly, you can have all your preferences met at the online store. Once you visit the websites, you will find some easy tools that you can use to filter your preferences and taste.

So these are some key aspects of birthday cakes that you can consider before choosing a birthday cake based on your preferences and taste. With the help reputed online store, you can have the best product based on your preferences and taste.


All these 7 best things about a birthday cake delivery in any part of the national capital of India are enough to lead you in the right direction and know how you can easily place a cake order in Delhi. Moreover, it can make things happen in your favor when you search for the best designer cakes in Faridabad, Gurgoan, Noida, and other parts of the national capital in an effective manner.


Take Advantage Of Engagement Cakes Online

Online midnight cake delivery services have made it easy for the people to grab an affordable deal on delicious and beautiful engagement cakes. There are so many reliable online stores that cater contemporary cakes in different color and designs. Once you visit the online store, you will see how the online stores are making a difference in providing people with a range of engagement cakes.

If you have a look at the benefits of online cake store, you will find abundant advantages that you can reap simply by sitting in your home. You don’t need to go out for a better deal. Your laptop and internet will help you find your preferred engagement cake in a while. Here are some important benefits of online cake delivery service in Noida. 

A large number of options available with online stores
One of the benefits of online cake store is the options available in a large number. With contemporary designs and colors in engagement cakes, you can select a perfect one based on your personal preference.

Online stores have all the cake options categorized, which later can be filtered in accordance with your preferences.

Easy to sort out your preferences
With online stores, you can sort out your select cakes easily based on your preferences. It doesn’t only work for your taste and personal preference, but you can also sort out a cake based on your budget as well.

Ensuring real time delivery at the doorstep

If you wonder whether the cake purchased from the online store can be delivered in a real time – you must be happy to know that the online cake delivery in Delhi is quite guaranteed in a real time.

On the other hand, they do also offer midnight delivery service if you have a plan to surprise your partners. While placing orders for the engagement cake on the online store, you can choose for the midnight cake delivery service.

Designer cake in Delhi
As the demand for designer cakes is spread from corner to corner, online stores do include a range of designer cakes. The cake designer offers the cake in different color and designs for different occasions. And when it comes to celebrating your engagement, you should choose a designer cake that can reflect your pleasure.



Affordable cake
Last but not the least; you can grab an affordable deal on engagement cake on the internet. You can compare the available products in terms of several things such as designs, color, flavor, and price. Do a comparison with other products and choose an affordable cake.
With mentioned-above cake options available with online stores you can induce a big difference and take advantage of a variety of engagement cakes. With special engagement cakes from designer cake in Delhi and their availability via a timely cake delivery in Delhi, you can give a new meaning to fun and celebration around.


Take Advantage Of Birthday Cake Delivery – Read These 7 Tips

Are you planning to celebrate your beloved’s birthday with a grand celebration with some surprises? If you want to make it a perfect one this year, then get prepared and start looking for your preferred option. There is no need to get worried in any conditions, as you can have an access to huge categories of birthday cake on the online stores.


Here are seven advantages that you can avail while placing your order for the birthday cake. To make it possible, you need to choose an online store that offers a range of birthday cake in different color and flavors.


Plethora of options available with online stores
You don’t need to visit here and there and to kill your valuable time in search of a birthday cake. You can locate a plethora of cake options available in the store. You can choose an online store to find your preference.

Delicious and colorful cakes
On the other hand, if you want to include delicious cakes for birthday to enjoy your celebration, then the online store can help you in several ways. Online cake delivery in Faridabad includes a range of delicious cake that can best be used to give an edge to your celebration.

Doorstep service
One of the most remarkable benefits of online cake stores is its doorstep delivery service that helps you save on your valuable time. You can place your order for a home delivery at no cost.

Midnight delivery
When you have a plan to mark the birthday effectively, you should select the midnight cake delivery service so as to get the cake dot on the 12’O clock. If you visit the best bakery in Delhi, there is a high possibility to get the cake in a real time.


Hassle free service
It’s a hassle free – simply select an online store, choose a birthday cake delivery, and place your order. You don’t need to get worried in any conditions.

Designer cake
On the other hand, you can also have a number of designer cakes in several forms. There are some popular delicious and colors that can make a difference in your celebration.

Affordable cakes
Last but not the least, you can have a range of affordable birthday cakes in different colors and designs. Online stores are offering different cakes at the competitive price. Select a particular online store and place your order.


So these are some advantages that you can ensure through an online store. Whenever you require a birthday cake, simply choose a reliable online store and place your order. Now, what are you waiting for as an online cake delivery in Faridabad and its nearby areas supplied by the best bakeries in Delhi are ready to make things happen in your favor when you need the right cake most for your nex important version.

Send Cake By Occasion To Make Someone Fall In Love With You

Gone are the days when you had to wait for someone’s birthday or any other important occasion to grab a piece of cake made from different ingredients. Now celebrating a number of occasions have become a usual task in all corners of the world including the national capital of India: Delhi.  Now you needn’t wait for any occasion to have your choice cake, but the fun and happiness of having a piece from a cake that is laid on the table and is ready to get cut by someone special is out of description. At a popular Delhi cake shop, it is easy to have a variety of cakes for a number of occasions. These cakes will surely make you fall in love with them. Be it wedding or best birthday cake in chocolate or vanilla flavor, a cake shop has everything you can expect.


Let’s have a look at some of the cake types that surely catch all eyes and suit a number of occasions on which you like to send cakes to someone you love. Today there is no dearth of cakes for all occasions and you can easily have a long and exhaustive list of wedding cakes, celebration cakes, or corporate cakes designed and developed to win your heart. You will find these cakes in all shapes and sizes as they have been customized to your specific tastes. At a popular cake shop, you will get a perfect wedding chocolate cake or a photo cake garnered to stun someone you love.



         3-tier wedding cake with a hand painted map of the world

         Cakes with images of fairies, fresh flowers, ruffles, and draping

         Contemporary and classic wedding cakes in chocolate flavor

         Fairies in the woods cake as a novelty cake

         Hexagonal 3 tier art deco wedding cake with cherub stand

         Mad hatter wedding cake with personalized characters

         Novelty laughing Buddha cake

         Personalized fairy Disney birthday cakes depicting a marvelous cake sculpture

         Quilted wedding cake with personalized initials

         Stencil damask wedding cake with personalized topper

All these cakes can be availed in all major flavors and designs as per food preferences and need of the occasion. Interestingly, all these cakes are special as they are not made within minutes. They take time and the best efforts from the cake designers who are highly creative and know what works well when it comes to having something unique. If you are living in Gurgaon, then you can all mentioned above cake types as photo cakes in Gurgaon but only on a special order.


Knowing These 7 Secrets Will Make Your Birthday Cake Delivery Look Amazing

The importance of a cake in any sort of occasion or event is no longer unfamiliar to us; we know it better how a delicious cake can make a difference in the celebration. But we don’t have enough occasions to include cakes to show our pleasure. That’s the reason; you should not miss out even a single moment if you find an occasion. Be it your birthday or anniversary – celebrate it in your way.And in the era of online cake delivery in Faridabad, it is now possible to ensure an amazing celebration with the help of a real-time cake delivery on your address. Here are seven secrets that you should know if you look forward to marking the day as the best of yours:



Home delivery designer cake
As the online stores are offering a prompt delivery service to bring you designer cakes at your doorstep on the dot, you should avail of the service so that you can get your birthday cake delivery at your doorsteps in Delhi NCR.

Delicious cake

With a range of delicious cake available in different colors, you can make the day a memorable one by selecting a delicious and beautiful cake. Based on the personal preferences, you can filter a perfect one out of available options.


Midnight cake delivery in Delhi
If you visit a bricks & mortar bakery shop in Delhi, you will hardly find any shop that offers midnight cake delivery service. To get the cake delivered at midnight, you need to select an online cake store and place your order.

Theme cake
Some of the online stores offer a range of theme cakes that you can select based on the theme that you want to flaunt in your party. You can easily filter a cake based on your preferences.


Occasion-based cake
As the Christmas is just around the corner, you can find a range of delicious and designer Christmas cakes to celebrate the day with the unlimited fun.


Chocolate cakes

Chocolates are widely celebrated and it is very common to find a number of people with crave for it. You can also select a delicious chocolate cake to celebrate the moment.

Multi-layer cake design
On the other hand, some of the multi-layer cake designs do also make a difference in the overall celebration. The category combines some impressive designs – choose a particular one based on your personal preferences and make your birthday cake delivery look amazing.

All mentioned-above factors are enough to say you are going to have an amazing best birthday cake delivery in any part of the national capital. Thanks to lots of bakery shops in Delhi that make things possible for cake lovers when they expect the best in the least possible time through a reliable and instant cake delivery in Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon, or Noida.


Incredible Engagement Fruits Cake Designs

Fruits are healthful to all in all liquid and solid forms; these days are widely used by cake designers as a healthy stuff used to make sweet desserts. Yes, we are taking about a fruit cake which is simply a cake that has fruit in it. With a good intake of calories, fat, carbohydrates, proteins, and other nutrients, fruit cakes are ready to replace traditional and unhealthy cakes. Thanks to the online world for giving cake lovers improved options of cakes that are not only suitable for the occasion but also for health of all who are ready to bring their hand closer to treat a new wedding couple on their engagement. Fruit cakes and photo cake are easily available to all; the only thing you have to do is to place a cake order in Faridabad.


Following is a list of some uncommon fruits cake types that you will never forget when you get them at your doorstep via a fast and reliable midnight cake delivery in Faridabad. If you need something different this time to make things quite happen in your favor and make all guest greet you with a piece of cake in their hands. Check out these 7 lovely cakes that you will never forget if you get a piece of any of them. These options include:


  1. Engagement and wedding cake with blueberries: With this cake simplicity is ready to steal your heart. This cake is a red velvet confection garnered with a fresh feel of blueberries and rosemary.
  2. Farm-to-table wedding cake: Bring the freshness of farms to your table with a purple-splashed white engagement and wedding cake. This cake is unique with presence of the big, flavorful blackberries as a show stopper.
  3. Gilded fruit engagement and wedding cake: This best birthday cake is available with the specks of gold settled on the top of the cake as fruit cake toppers on a vanilla cake.
  4. Lemon and berry wedding cake: This cake is a great option for the lovers of sweet and sour taste. This cake is ready to rock your party as it is a perfect outcome of some special strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries. And you find all of them settled on the top of the lemon-layered naked cake.
  5. Strawberry engagement and wedding pound cake: Enriched with almond-cornmeal, this pound cake makes a big difference with a perfect mix of mascarpone cream and strawberries.
  6. Wedding cake overflowing with fruit: Suitable for an engagement party, this cake comes to your table with a beautiful millefoglie scattered over gorgeous fruit pieces.
  7. Wedding carrot cake with figs: Get ready to things to the next level with an enticing short carrot cake that come to you with an apricot-jam glaze, juicy figs, and yummy vanilla butter cream.

If it is high time to make things incredible with engagement fruits cake designs, then these options will surely rock party.


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