8 Romantic Anniversary Cakes Ideas

When it comes to adding romantic aspects to your wedding anniversary, you will find a cake as the most effective tool to celebrate a romantic anniversary. The task is half done, if you choose a beautiful and delicious anniversary cakes from the online stores. Over the last few years, the designs and patterns have changed with fondant and sugar roses, complex patterns and an apparently endless number of colors.

Cake delivery services in Delhi has been advanced with so many benefits and convenient aspects that you can use to select a perfect anniversary cake delivery for the celebration. If you select a reliable online store and place an order for a beautiful anniversary cake on the same platform, you will see the change. Here are some romantic anniversary cake ideas that you can go for through the online stores.



Red Velvet

As the name suggests, it can reflect very deep essence of your love in deep red color. Red Velvet anniversary cakes are not made of chocolates, yet you can make the best of it in showing your love.


Chocolate cakes

This is the most preferred option for wedding anniversary, which can help you express your love in for your love lady’s taste. Apart from it, you can also go for the cakes for birthday in accordance with your preferences. Birthday chocolate cake is the most preferred choice that you can choose for your birthday celebration.




Lemon cakes, with light and tangy flavor, have become one of the most popular trends in this year. It is said to be the perfect choice for a spring wedding anniversary.


Vanilla wedding cakes have become very popular with the couples in last few years. It allows you to fill up with fruits and other frosting elements perfectly.

Pink Champagne
Pink Champagne wedding cake has also been termed to be a better option for the wedding anniversary celebration as it shows your loving sentiment.

Carrot cake
It is a soft, dark and dense cake that can make a difference deliciously with a cream cheese frosting. You can also choose the one for your wedding anniversary celebration.

Designer cakes
It comes in different designs and flavors – you find a wide range of cake designs in this category. As per your preferences, you can select either heart-shape cake, photo cake or multi-tiered cakes.

Fruit cakes
If your love lady does have fondness for the fruits, then you can go for the fruit cakes that combine the sweet richness of fruits and cakes. You can also select such cakes for birthday as well, since the fruit cakes are largely preferred for a wide range of celebration.You can simply choose any of the mentioned-above 8 romantic anniversary cakes ideas suiting your individual preferences. All these cake ideas have been picked from leading cake designers that know what works well when it comes to having a great anniversary cake that takes romance to the next level. Thanks to a cake delivery service company in Delhi for making things happen in cake lovers’ favor.


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