Send Cake By Occasion To Make Someone Fall In Love With You

Gone are the days when you had to wait for someone’s birthday or any other important occasion to grab a piece of cake made from different ingredients. Now celebrating a number of occasions have become a usual task in all corners of the world including the national capital of India: Delhi.  Now you needn’t wait for any occasion to have your choice cake, but the fun and happiness of having a piece from a cake that is laid on the table and is ready to get cut by someone special is out of description. At a popular Delhi cake shop, it is easy to have a variety of cakes for a number of occasions. These cakes will surely make you fall in love with them. Be it wedding or best birthday cake in chocolate or vanilla flavor, a cake shop has everything you can expect.


Let’s have a look at some of the cake types that surely catch all eyes and suit a number of occasions on which you like to send cakes to someone you love. Today there is no dearth of cakes for all occasions and you can easily have a long and exhaustive list of wedding cakes, celebration cakes, or corporate cakes designed and developed to win your heart. You will find these cakes in all shapes and sizes as they have been customized to your specific tastes. At a popular cake shop, you will get a perfect wedding chocolate cake or a photo cake garnered to stun someone you love.



         3-tier wedding cake with a hand painted map of the world

         Cakes with images of fairies, fresh flowers, ruffles, and draping

         Contemporary and classic wedding cakes in chocolate flavor

         Fairies in the woods cake as a novelty cake

         Hexagonal 3 tier art deco wedding cake with cherub stand

         Mad hatter wedding cake with personalized characters

         Novelty laughing Buddha cake

         Personalized fairy Disney birthday cakes depicting a marvelous cake sculpture

         Quilted wedding cake with personalized initials

         Stencil damask wedding cake with personalized topper

All these cakes can be availed in all major flavors and designs as per food preferences and need of the occasion. Interestingly, all these cakes are special as they are not made within minutes. They take time and the best efforts from the cake designers who are highly creative and know what works well when it comes to having something unique. If you are living in Gurgaon, then you can all mentioned above cake types as photo cakes in Gurgaon but only on a special order.



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