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When you type cakes shops in Delhi in your Google search engine, you get lots of cake shops showing images of cakes with their USPs. The prime thing is the utility and importance of these cake shops as per your changing party and function needs. From price to style, from flavor to ingredients, and from delivery to customer satisfaction, everything is important to make purchasing or not purchasing decision. When you need all these factors within the best cake shops in Faridabad, Noida, or Delhi, you simply need to type yummy cake in the search engine and you will get two options. One will take you to a US-based cake website and another will take you to your local cake shop in Delhi NCR: YummyCake. Following is the URL of the cake shop that will offer you everything that suits your specific needs.

 Just place your online cake order and get the same sitting at home via a birthday cake delivery in Delhi.  Just think of your choice cake, search the website, check details of the cakes, and place an order of your choice cakes. Then see what the cake shop can do for you. With the cake shop, you will get cakes for almost all occasions, including:

  • Anniversary and congratulations
  • Christmas to Valentines
  • Get well soon and house warming
  • I am sorry to baby shower
  • Rakhi to Independence Day
  • Wedding and birthday

With the cake shop, you can expect the best customer satisfaction and timely delivery as USP. Moreover, following are some of the reasons why YummyCake can be your next online cake shop:

  • 100% fresh baked online cake delivery service with unique cake toppings
  • A complete and exhaustive assortment of cakes for all various events and occasions
  • A long list of happy customers in Delhi NCR
  • Customer first approach with right guidance and help by cake professionals
  • Dealing all sizes, designs, taste, and flavor
  • Delicious cakes available at affordable rates from popular cake shop in Delhi
  • First-class quality cakes baked to perfection with fresh ingredients
  • Free cake delivery service in Delhi, Gurgaon, Faridabad, and Noida
  • Fresh flowers and delicious cakes combo offers via online cake delivery
  • Instant cake delivery within 3-4 hours in all corners of Delhi
  • Quality and organic ingredients from the best suppliers in the industry
  • Special discounts and coupons on all importance occasions
  • Special midnight cake delivery from professional cake delivery boys
  • Strong relationships with new and existing clients
  • The best bakery shop with a wide range of exotic and local cake flavors in Delhi NCR


If you think Yummy and mouthwatering sweet cake can do things for you, then choose and share a link or photo of required design of the cake with the following details—occasion, budget, flavor, quantity, name, delivery address, due date of delivery, preferred time, and confirm your order and pay via a link or popular debit and credit cards.

What are you looking while ordering online

Ordering cake online has become a buzz and is a wide trend adopted by millions of cake lovers owing to its lots of benefits. Millions of people have moved to online buying whereas a large number of people are still pondering over if they should move to the online world for buying cakes or not. The online world is safe and good for all who have an idea of how to make things happen. But novices can deteriorate things and can be duped online if they have no idea what to do while placing a cake order and getting online cake delivery service in NoidaFaridabad or Delhi. Choosing a cake can be fun if you know how to make things happen and how to bring the best out of available cake options from the online world.


When the online world is ready to take things to the next level through by offering you cakes of all sizes and types via a cake delivery in Faridabad, you need to be smart to get something different without wasting your precious time. Check out the following things that you need to consider while ordering an online cake from virtual cakes shops in Faridabad, Noida or Delhi:


WIFM in the cake website: All cake websites are more or less same until you get something unique in it. No matter which website you search, the main thing is that what is in it for you. If the website has everything that you need and matches your needs, then make sure you have landed on the right website.

Testimonials or recommendations: Every website tries to allure and attract customers and claim their best and flawless services. But you should not accept every claim blindly. So know if the website is useful for consumers or not by going through a number of testimonials or recommendations from existing customers of the same website. Customers regularly write testimonials on the basis of their experience with the cake products, delivery of cake, and customer service. This way, testimonials can help you take a decision.

Price comparison: If you find the cake shop good for placing an online cake order, then you can compare the price of same cake from different websites to know which one suits your budget. Moreover, a comparison can help you take a decision on buying cakes.

Type of cake delivery service: Free, paid or discounted are three common types of cake delivery service that online cake shops offer as per their standards and requirement. Basically, you will get free cake delivery service. But you may need to pay extra when you get cake at night.


Everything that you find online is crucial, but never forget to abide by the following details—occasion, budget, flavor, quantity, name, delivery address, the due date of delivery, preferred time, and order confirm via a link or popular debit and credit cards.

Send your loved ones a surprise photo cake online

We like to see our special photos and keep them close to our heart. We keep them in purse, frame them on the wall, keep them alive in photo albums, and store in mobile phones—a new way to carry your images 24/7. If you love to see yourself everywhere, then why don’t you try out a cake where there is an image on the top of the cake and the same image belongs only to you? It can be your old or latest photograph that can surprise all around you. If you are deeply interested in sending your loved ones a big surprise as a birthday cake gift, then nothing can be a big boost then a photo cake available online. Thanks to the online world for delivering millions of cake lovers their choice photo cake delivery in Faridabad, Gurgaon, Noida, or the national capital of India—Delhi.


Don’t get surprised! You are not going to eat your photograph in actual. Plainly speaking, it is an edible photo paper that you find on the top of any cake you order online. Just share your photo with the online cake shop via mail or you can also attach your photograph after filling a form given on the website of the cake shop. If you are not decided on which picture will make a difference, then the best thing you can do is to send 3-4 images and ask cake designers to choose the best one that can create a magic. If you want to get something unique, then photographs of your favorite celebrity, mobile phone, cartoon character, gadget, car or any other device can do things in your favor. If you are still unable to take the decision, then ask cake designers for the best solution as per their discretion.

When you are online, you get a long list of popular photo cakes that you can order for bringing happiness to your individual occasion. Let’s check out what the online world has for you and your family members when it comes to having a unique cake.

Barbie Photo and Doraemon Photo Cake

Chocolate Photo Cake for Mom and Eternal Love Photo Cake

Chota Bheem & Family and Spider Man Cake

Holi Photo Cake or Intimate Moment Cake

Ninja Hattori Photo Cake and Micky Mouse Photo Cake

Personalized Cake for mom and Mothers’ Day Photo Cake

Personalized Photo Fan Cake and Personalized Photo birthday cake

Tom & Jerry Cake and Super Man Cake

Valentine Photo Cake and Personalized Easter Cake

To have great photo cakes at your home, you simply need to rely upon a birthday cake delivery in Faridabad, Gurgaon, or Noida With this service you are simply able to get what you need for adding more appeal and effectiveness to the special occasion that will matter the most for you.

Everyone loves surprises in the midnight

The story of a cake is simply hundreds of years old, but the utility and worth of the oldest sweet dessert of the world is still unchanged. Yes, there is a huge makeover and transformation in the journey and growth of the cake from just a piece of sweet bread to designer cakes that give a new meaning and the aesthetic appeal to flavorful and stylish cakes made from the finest quality ingredients. Modern cakes carry an element of surprise and they simply stun you when you get them at the midnight without any expectation as you accept them as a taken of love from your near and dear ones. Service providers of online birthday cake delivery in Delhi are ready to make things happen and you simply need to get your choice cake from the best cake designers in the national capital of India.

Following are the midnight surprises that you will certainly love and prefer when you answer the doorbell and accept the midnight cake delivery without believing your eyes. Let’s check out what you can do in order to find nocturnal surprises through a wide and exhaustive variety of cake options available online:

  • 2 tier black forest cake and hello kitty cake
  • 6 choco cup chocolate cakes and Mickey mouse cake
  • Alphabet shaped chocolate cake and photo pineapple cake
  • Basketball shaped vanilla cake and Barbie cake
  • Ben10 photo cake and Spiderman cake
  • Black forest cake and pineapple cake
  • Chocolate cake and butterscotch cake
  • Chota bheem cake and football cake
  • Double number custom cake and eggless butterscotch cake
  • Fruit cake and chocolate truffle cake
  • Guitar cake and Doraemon cake
  • Heart shaped strawberry cake and double heart chocolate cake
  • Single number chocolate cake and 2 tier chocolate cake
  • Strawberry cake and coffee cake
  • Vanilla cake and heart-shaped black forest cake

This list probably misses hundreds of cakes that you can find online but these are the best and popular flavors that are enough to drag everyone around a table where a cake is ready to distribute love and smile around. You can simply expect any of the cake from the list and get the same delivered at your doorstep via an online cake delivery in Faridabad, Noida, Gurgaon or Delhi in the least amount of time.

If you have anything special in mind, then the best thing you can do is to take help and guidance from cake experts who know how to give a new meaning to an ordinary looking cake. Online cake shops employ professional cake designers and makers who understand what is needed by cake lovers and what looks stunning on the top of the table. Ask them for a great solution to bring everything to halt with a unique cake that is nothing less than a sweet dessert for millions of hearts.

Best birthday Gifts are online cake and flower delivery

Celebrating any birthday event in the absence of a delectable cake and a perfect birthday cake will certainly will not go down well at any cost. That is why both of these items are considered as a great way to accomplish any event that people of all types like to celebrate in the presence of their near and dear ones. Cake and flowers are synonymous with real birthday gifts that ultimately deliver many messages without speaking even a single word. In today’s modern world, online cake and online flowers are ready to stun people, and you simply need to know where you will get a perfect combination of a flower delivery and a designer cake in Delhi without stepping out of your home.


Let’s check out what are top flower options that you can have for celebrating a birthday party. A beautiful assortment of seasonal flowers clad in a well-garnered bouquet is enough to take things to the next level and simply say “Happy birthday to you”.

  • 100 blooms of Peruvian lilies with 6 fancy strawberries
  • 12 rainbow roses with 6 fancy strawberries
  • 20 multi-colored birthday tulips and 200 birthday blooms
  • Birthday grower’s choice with free chocolates
  • Birthday sunflower radiance
  • Deluxe birthday hugs and kisses and deluxe birthday spectacular
  • Deluxe fragrant birthday stargazer lilies and deluxe pink sapphire birthday bouquet
  • Deluxe white dendrobium birthday orchids and extravagant deluxe purple birthday orchids
  • Extravagant purple birthday orchids and half dozen hand-dipped champagne strawberries
  • Happy birthday bouquet and happy birthday classic merlot
  • Happy birthday wine country picnic and pink dream bouquet
  • One dozen long stemmed red birthday roses
  • One dozen long stemmed yellow roses and one dozen red birthday roses
  • Pink sapphire birthday bouquet and potted pink calla lily
  • Sweetheart birthday orchid and three day birthday surprise
  • Tribal money tree and two dozen long stemmed red birthday roses
  • Two dozen long stemmed vibrant birthday roses and white dendrobium birthday orchids

This list is just a fraction of what is available online. You can also share your ideas with the florists who are directly or indirectly associated with online cake shops that work in collaboration with leading flower & cake shops in Faridabad, Noida and Delhi and its nearby surroundings. You simply need to choose a cake and flowers of your choice when you are online. Just pay online and leave the rest upon online cake shops that will complete the task of taking flower and cake gifts at your home when you prefer it the most.

Personalized gifts, chocolates, chocolate bouquets, sweets, dry fruits, soft toys, cushions, mugs, Buddha collection, jewelry gifts, bottle lamps, and photo frames are considered as the best gift items that can be used for the purpose of greeting a birthday boy or girl. And you can easily have any of these gifts along with seasonal flowers through a popular and trusted birthday cake delivery in Noida, Gurgaon, Delhi and its nearby locations.


Let’s create the magic with midnight cake delivery

It is common and easy to see a number of cake delivery boys carrying some well-packed cakes on a bike that passes through some narrow or big streets in all corners of Delhi during the daytime. But things become more interesting and appealing when you find a cake delivery boy knocking at your door around 12 am and offering you a cake from someone you are loved after you answer the door bell. This cake can be a gift of love from someone who is close to your heart and the occasion can be your birthday or anniversary. You get surprises in the dark when the man made night lights lit the dark world around. Thanks to midnight cake delivery in Delhi.


Nothing can be more precious and enticing than a lovely gift than a yummy palatable and sweet cake that makes you feel glutton. When you are not satisfied with just a piece of cake and tend to steal the whole cake from the table. When you are hungry for photo cake and need the same at your doorstep within hours, the best thing you can do is to dial a toll-free phone number, send an email message or send an SMS using your mobile number, mentioning all details of the cake you are expecting to get the same from your choice online cake shop. When you choose the best, it is high time to find the same at a location or an address where you reside or work. No matter when you have placed a cake order, the main thing is that there is always a cake specialist and a cake delivery boy who is ready to give you exactly the same that you want on a special day for yourself or for someone for whom the cake is really meant for.


A professional and user-oriented online cake delivery in Delhi simply means a unique facility for having a cake sitting at home from any geographical locations that stretch from Lutyens’ Delhi to suburbs of Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. These include:

  • Online cake delivery in North Delhi
  • Online cake delivery in East Delhi
  • Online cake delivery in West Delhi
  • Online cake delivery in South Delhi
  • Online cake delivery in Central Delhi

When you want to do something different and want to wish your loved ones, near you or living at a distance, you simply need to create a magic for extending your selfless love for him or her with a midnight cake delivery that you can expect from a leading online cake store like Yummy Cake that leaves no stone unturned to make things happen in the favor of its unique customers, even at midnight in the national capital of India and its nearby areas.


How To Get A Fabulous Kids Birthday Cake On A Tight Budget

Kids simply love cakes and their birthday other than anything in the world. So, it is imperative for all parents to arrange the best birthday cake for giving their kids a big smile on their faces on a day when they are no less than a king. These days, demonetization has made people feel short of cash 24/7. Although digital ways are there to make things happen, short of hard cash still indicates that people are spending money carefully. If they need cakes at a fair price tag that suits their pockets well, then the best thing is to look for budget or affordable-priced cakes, not cheap cakes.


Budget cakes are made by online cake shops after keeping the purchasing needs and spending capacity of people in mind. There is also a range of such cakes so that all cake lovers can afford them and celebrate the occasion of birthdays in an effective manner.  Even you can have some expensive cakes at some reduced prices or at a discount. Simply search some cake types with their price tag at online cake shop websites. Compare the products available and take a balanced decision so that the special cake you need can come at a price tag that you can easily pay.


In order to get a fabulous kids’ birthday cake delivery on a tight budget, all you have to do is to choose the right communication channel with online cake shop—a phone call, a live chat, or an email message. You can also go to the website of the online cake shop where you will get a form demanding some information on name, phone number, physical address, email, price details, and other terms and conditions of the delivery service. Also check out if there is any hidden charge on the availability of an online cake delivery in Delhi as some cake shops charge an amount of fee if the service is being taken at midnight or it exceeds a particular distance range.


If it is about the budget and your limited spending capacity, then you need to ponder some options and varieties of cakes. You can consider the following cake types and choose the best one matching your food preferences and budget needs:

  • Chocolate peanut butter cake
  • Elderflower drizzle cake
  • Mint chocolate ice cream cake
  • Natural beetroot red velvet cake
  • Oreo layer cake
  • Pink wafer ice cream cake
  • Rose and raspberry cake
  • Stained glass cake

Whether you are choosing a half kg cake, 1 kg cake, or 2 kg cake for celebrating your kids’ birthday, make sure that you don’t compromise on the quality factor and online midnight cake delivery schedule. If you get an expensive cake but at a small size, it also means that you can afford a costly cake within your budget. In addition, have some help from cake designers and cake specials can also make thing quite in your favor.


Top 10 Kids Birthday Cake

The online world can easily stun every cake lover when he or she visits online cake shop websites and finds a wide and exhaustive range of best birthday cakes with a list of cakes to choose from. In Delhi, people love to have both classic and modern cake flavors and designs for a number of occasions, especially birthday cakes for kids. When it comes to placing an order what you need to do is what to choose and what to ignore.

All you need is to have amazing (easy and impressive) birthday cake delivery and ideas that can take things to the next level and help you get what can induce a flawless smile on the face your little kids on their birthdays. Following is a list of top 10 kids’ birthday cakes that you can simply choose and ask your cake designers for something unique. It includes:

  1. 1, 2, 3 blasts off birthday cake will make your kid a space scientist and do things in the outer space.
  2. Bouncing balls birthday cake is a designer cake that is ready to rock the party and make everyone go mad with just a single glimpse.
  3. Gorgeous campfire-inspired birthday cake with toasting marshmallows for little boys who love adventure
  4. LEGO birthday cake looks stylish and simple with buttercream icing to make everyone say wow what a cake.
  5. Moshi monster birthday cake will simply be one of his favorites for his upcoming birthday party where he will show off his birthday to his friends.
  6. Number 6 race track birthday cake is the funniest way to celebrate your kids turning one year older. Bring your kid on the flashy race track and stun your car-crazy cherubs.
  7. Soccer field birthday cake is only for soccer fanatics. It is made from a slab cake with grass from coloring coconut green, fashioning goals from plastic straws, and soccer balls from chocolates.
  8. Spaceship birthday cake for your kids’ next birthday party is ready to impress with fondant icing and a range of delicious sweets garnering.
  9. Stadium birthday cake will make you drool over it with perfect use of delicious chocolate cakes. Make this cake an impressive centerpiece at your kids’ birthday party.
  10. Volcano birthday cake made from chocolate cake and its’ lava from jubes or honeycomb pieces is ready to celebrate your child’s next birthday. The only thing you need to do is to look for a cake delivery in Delhi.

These mentioned-above top 10 kids cartoon cakes are just a glimpse of what you can have when you are online. Whether you choose designer cakes or any other cake types available at online cake shops, the cake delivery will be an important aspect of making things happen under all conditions. If you have something in your mind for your kids on their birthdays, just share the same with cake designers and see what they can do for you.

How To Turn Your Online Cake delivery From Blah Into Fantastic?

In the online world, only two things matter the most: Buying and selling of online products and the delivery of all ordered products. Other activities that are directly or indirectly associated with the online world are important but secondary. The success and failure of any online website, dealing in the selling of online cakes in the national capital of India and its nearby locations, widely and clearly depends upon how the cake delivery service in Delhi NCR actually work. Place in these areas are busy and have gone cashless and digital; they don’t have enough time to visit shopping malls or nearby market. They want everything sitting at home. That is why the importance of an online cake delivery increases manifold.


The concept of online cake delivery in Noida has not developed thoroughly in India, except metro cities. That is why online cake shops need to turn their online cake delivery services from blah into fantastic. They need to assure cake lovers that it is safe and brings immense advantages to them. Whether the delivery of cakes is all about anniversary cakes, birthday cakes, and any other cake type, putting the focus on a safe and successful delivery is fundamental in all conditions. First of all, it is free and is made available to all cake lovers up to a particular distance.


Convincing online customers and inducing a confidence about your brand and cake products is the gateway to success. There are many online cake shops that deal in the game of selling and purchasing designer cakes in Gurgaon, Noida, and Delhi. As designer cakes are costly, it is also clear that purchasing such a cake will add burden to buyers’ pocket. But a free cake delivery can compensate and make cake lovers feel happy and satisfied as they are not paying anything additionally. The cost of cake delivery can be a concern if cakes are being delivered after working hours of cake shops. If shop ensures 24/7 service, then cake lovers can expect more saving even at odd hours.


Listen to customers and their complaints. Learn from mistakes and make a regular improvement to overcome the expectations of cake lovers is the key to success. Never take criticism as a way to feel dejected or shameful. It is a learning phase that can help you turn online cake delivery services from blah into fantastic if you are a real cake shop and want to take your brand to the next level. Whether you have opted for customized photo cakes in Gurgaon, Faridabad or Delhi, the nature and mode of cake deliveries always matter the most.


From the behavior of cake delivery to terms and conditions of cake delivery and from business etiquette to the cost factor of cake deliveries everything plays a vital role. Make your cake website more transparent and interactive so that cake lovers can understand everything and make a real relationship with you whenever he or she thinks of placing a cake order and taking things to the next level in an amicable manner.


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