Why photo cake is best choice?

What is the difference between a photograph hanging on the wall of your drawing room and a photo that you are going to cut on the occasion of your birthday? Yes, you heard the right one. You can cut a photo and eat the same when it is placed well on the top of a cake in the form of an edible rice paper carrying your choice image. Photo cakes are the best choice because they are unique and add more fun and excitement to the occasion of a birthday, an anniversary, a wedding, or any other occasion of equal importance. There is no dearth of the best and popular online photo cake delivery in Faridabad and Delhi.


Some people having no idea of photo cake may be wondering with the idea of having photo cakes. Actually, it is a new trend and is liked by millions of cake lovers in all parts of the world. Photo cakes should be used for having fun and ending boredom of cutting the old-fashioned cake with some floral designs and names in script on the top of the cake. Apart from your own photo of any size and type, the following are some other popular variety of photo cakes available at your doorstep through online cake delivery in Faridabad. These photo cakes can be tried if you are not interested in cutting a cake having your own photos on the top. Following cake, types have been inspired by movies, TV or cartoon characters. You can also have photo cake with images of things around you. Let’s have a look at some of the photo cakes that you can easily find on almost all online cakes shops:


  • Disney Birthday Cakes and Chota Bheem Cake
  • Christmas Cakes and Happy Birthday Patanjali Cake
  • New Year Cake and Doraemon Birthday Cake
  • Happy Anniversary Cake and Mr. Bean Cake
  • Iron Man cake, Iron Man Birthday Cake
  • Ben 10 Cake and
  • Mickey Mouse Cake and Pluto Cake
  • Butterfly Cakes and Mini Mouse Cake
  • Frozen Photo Cake and Chocolate Photo cake with your images
  • Coffy Bite Cake and Motu Patlu Cake
  • Online Photo Cake Delivery and Cake for DAD
  • Heart Shape Photo Cake and Anniversary Photo cake
  • Doraemon cake and Spiderman cake
  • World Cup Cake and Personalize Photo cake
  • Christmas-cake with 10 roses bouquet

No matter which cake shop you choose for buying an online photo cake as per your changing party needs, make sure you get the right online photo cake in Delhi matching cake’s size, design, and style. If you are interested in using your own photo on the cake, make sure you send cake shop your best photos in advance so that it can get enough time to prepare the best cake with an edible rice layer with the tastiest toppings. When you do the same, you get the best choice output.



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