Does people hate surprises, If so why?

Other than a bunch of surprise party lovers, there is a huge number of people who hate surprises and they don’t wish other to go for it for them. If you look at the way how such parties are organized and handled, you will love the excitement and the preparedness. However, it disturbs some people so badly.


Some of the best things in a surprise party are: on time cake delivery in Faridabad, secrecy maintained by the guests, unknown people taking part in the parties and others.
Apart from these interesting things, there are some disturbing aspects that really turn disappointing for the guest of honor. Here are some important points why some people hate surprises:


  • It involves so many challenges, Of course, if you have a plan to throw a surprise party for someone special, then you must be ready to undertake some challenges as well. And this is the most appealing reason why people avoiding holding such event. You have to take on everything very carefully without even a single mistake.
  • Secrecy is the utmost thing to ensure, On the other hand, it is always necessary to maintain secrecy at all levels. Once the plan gets revealed, nothing is surprising. While the plan for a surprise party is in the underway, you have to ensure the secrecy doesn’t get revealed in any condition. This is also one of the effective reasons why such parties are avoided by a number of people.
  • Guests without any prior notice are not always preferable Most of the people don’t like their guests arrive without any prior notice. It disturbs when the people see a bunch of guests at their home for a surprise party.
  • A huge possibility of mistakes When it comes to holding a surprise party, there is a huge possibility of mistakes in the event. You have to ensure your selected cake shop in Delhi brings you a lovely cake at the real time when you want.
  • It requires everyone on the surprise If you want a successful surprise party, then you need to take everyone by surprise. It’s a hugely challenging job for a person who doesn’t want to get involved in such activities. Your anniversary cake should have all the reflections that can show your love – but without involving others in selecting cakes can be a daunting and time-consuming job.


Apart from these points, a surprise part does always leave a lot of jobs behind once the party ends. If you have invited many guests, then the post-part conditions are going to be more challenging. On the other hand, you have to make sure everything is going as planned, rather than enjoying the moment. Just peep into a local or online cake shop in Delhi and then decide yourself if cake lovers will hate or love surprises when they have a cake before their eyes delivered by the cake delivery boy.


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