Every cake has a different story, What’s yours?

Cakes have been a part and parcel of several different ethnic traditions in all corners of the world since hundreds of years. Cakes are not of a single type and all of them have an individual story that defines its origin and circumstances in which came into the existence. The story of a chocolate cake can’t be same as the story of butterscotch cakes.


A variety of cakes, such as vanilla cake, black forest cake, strawberry cake, fondant cake, fruit cake, cheesecake, and pineapple cake, have their own tale to tell. If you can have a glimpse of cake history, then you will find that the real story starts with the ancient Greece. Then, the cake was a just flat bread baked, using flour mixed with eggs, milk, nuts and honey, called “Satura.” During the Roman period, this cake had a new name “placenta” baked on a pastry base or inside a pastry case.


Modern cakes have a different story as per different countries. With local food ingredients and taste, cakes get a new name and style in various countries, for example, New York style, Roman style, Victoria style, etc. With common shapes, including Bundt cakes, cake balls, conical, cupcakes, layer cakes, sheet cakes, and Swiss rolls, anniversary cakes cake get a new name and style when they get into any new culture.

They are just a change over the traditional way of eating cakes. Customized cakes are capable of writing a new cake story as they are just a prop for making a new beginning. Choose your own ideas, style, food ingredients, and taste, and give birth to a new cake that can be seen as a birthday, wedding, or anniversary cake.


You can’t match the story of a fruit cake with a chocolate cake as both are not same but convey the same purpose for the occasion. If you want to get blown away with new and fresh cake ideas, then you need to go online and check what is available there. Another way to make things happen is to contact an online cake shop that deals not only in making fresh cakes but also ensure timely midnight cake delivery in Noida.


The story of cakes and online cake delivery in Noida started with the development of socio-economic culture, migration of people from other parts of India to the industrial city, changing food habits of cake lovers, and an increase in online cake shops in Delhi NCR. If you have a creative idea that can go down well with the ambiance of the party occasion, then you can share the same with cake designers as per your requirements. Cake designers will bring your ideas into reality and make things possible with something exceptional. Photo cake, cartoon cakes, and bachelor party cake are the best example of creative works.


So, tell your cake story to cake shops and get the same sitting at home with a cake delivery service in Noida.


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