Trending Cakes For Your Special Ones From Yummy Cake

We all are die-hard movie fans and addicted to Hollywood series. We can talk about them in and out or crack simple one-liners about them but will it not be fantastic to have them for treating your taste buds. Yes, YummyCake makes your dream come true by helping you with the cakes that can be designed uniquely for you with the theme of your favorite Hollywood or Bollywood series, movie, characters, etc.

The flavors are also equally enriching, and the designs of the cake are too realistic and are a visual treat. Choose a flavor of your desire and the theme that you want and get the cake delivered for your loved ones at their doorstep at any time of the day. Just from the comfort of your home order for any theme cake with the flavor of your choice and you are done, you get a yummy cake all for yourself or your loved ones.

There is no reason or season for ordering the cake. Any occasion or celebration just gets magnified when celebrated with these small cute and yummy pieces of art in the form of cake. Thus I have ordered these theme cakes from YummyCake time and again.  The best part was that as per the designed, I even got midnight cake delivery in Delhi, just to increase the drama quotient.

There was a long list of theme cakes that I could order and be depending on my needs and desires, I ordered these beauties, and the list goes as follows:


  • Friends Themed Cake

When talking of theme cakes inspired by Hollywood series the first cake that would come to your mind is this Friends theme cake. I ordered this cake for the friendship day for my friend in Noida. I was thrilled with the way technology has grown and could help you with the delivery of cake in another city. Therefore I ordered her a coffee cake inspired by the coffee table and then decorated with fondant sofa. Therefore an online cake delivery in Delhi is set to treat and greet my friend. 

Image result for Friends Themed Cake


  • Game of Thrones Themed Cake

What better than a chocolate cake with alternate fillings of chocolate mousse and salted caramel. The cake is decorated with fondant accents in the theme of stone of throne games. My cousin delivered twin boys this year and to congratulate her; I ordered the mother of the dragon and her kids theme cake. She was utterly delighted to receive the cake and was happy with the remarkable quality of the cake


  • Another beauty from the game of thrones

The white chocolate cake decorated with White Walkers the legendary race from the game of thrones mythology. It had the beautiful lines on it “night gathers, and now the party begins.” A perfect cake for my friend who had hosted a party at his house. The midnight cake delivery in Faridabad just added to the fun and drama of the party. The freshness of the cake added to the zeal of the party.


  • James bond cake

Hollywood theme cakes that are trending can never be completed if they do not have the detective theme cake attributed to James Bond. I got this midnight delivery of cake in Delhi for my brother in law as a treat to celebrate the end of his exams. He and his friends were utterly delighted to get the cake at that hour of the night that too with their favorite theme and delicious flavor. I selected aromatic and nutty crunchy Oreo flavored cake for the boys and needless to say it was an instant hit with them.


  • 50 Shades of Grey

What can be more playful, quintessentially modern and more tasteful than the red velvet cake decorated with the theme of 50 shades of grey to surprise my partner on our wedding anniversary. The cake had the props inspired by the movie, and all were non- fondant accents that added to the taste and beauty of the cake. My husband cherished the cake as loving it will be an understatement.


Every cake has a story that is weaved into it while it is baked. Each cake that I ordered was with the best of the flavor and taste. Speaking of the designs, they were visual treat challenging to believe that they are all edible and handmade. 

Summary: Order the most trending cakes from YummyCake to surprise your loved ones on any occasion or even without an occasion. With midnight cake delivery in Noida, you can overwhelm your loved ones with love in the form of these fantastic cakes.


The Best First Birthday Cake Ideas to Garner Tonight’s Party

The first birthday cake is meant only for the kids who have completed 365 days since their first day on the earth. When it is the first birthday of a baby boy or a baby girl, it is high time to invite lots of near and dear ones and throw a party. Prepare the list of guests, choose the food menu, and bring home a birthday cake. Do you have the best ideas to garner tonight’s party effectively? No, it is time to check out what new trends are and what cake experts have to say about illuminating the first birthday party with some mesmerizing ideas. From designer cakes to the party decoration items, everything matters the most.


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When you are online and looking for a cake product, you can easily find 1st baby birthday cake designs or first birthday cake designs for baby boy and girl easily.

You need to start things with a birthday party theme—

  • Disney cartoon characters
  • Jungle party theme,
  • fairytale theme etc.

Decorate the party destination with color papers and arrange party hats with lots of toys and kid friendly stuff. It is the basic scenario for making a party for kids look true. Your party is incomplete until you bring home the right cake product that can steal the show with its utmost presence.     

First Birthday Cakes

Cakes for kids are available in almost all shapes, sizes, weight, designs, styles, and flavors. All you have to do is to find the best one that makes the occasion accomplished. This birthday party occasion, try out the following cake products:

  • Girly-girl cake,
  • Ombre cake,
  • Big top triumph cake,
  • Classy color cake,
  • Vintage circus cake,
  • Fun fondant cake,
  • Rainbow surprise cake,
  • Number cake,
  • Cheeky monkey cake,
  • Fun cake,
  • Big bash cake,
  • Little boy’s cake,
  • Pretty pastel cake,
  • Fridge letters cake,
  • Unashamedly chocolate cake,
  • Nursery rhyme cake,
  • Engineering feat cake,
  • Crowd pleaser cake,

the pretty as a picture cake, the cake you wish you could make the cake, and the showstopper cake.                

If you like any cake idea or first birthday cake pictures, you can share the same with your cake experts. They can guide you in the right direction and give you exactly the same that suits the theme of the birthday party directly. Be it 1st birthday cake for a boy or 1st birthday cake for a girl, online cake shop in Delhi NCR are ready to take things to the next level. If you find any of mentioned-above ideas suitable for your party, you can utilize the same. If you have any simple 1st birthday cake ideas, ask cake experts for making things in your favor.

Top 10 Coolest Cake Design You Have Never Seen?

Summary: This content puts a light on some of the top and cool cake designs you may have or have not seen before. This article will also let you know why these cake designs are the best for a particular occasion.

There is no dearth of cake designs when you are online. You will find some cake designs quite new and unseen. You can call them traditional or modern as per your individual preferences. Basically, it is a designer cake that always makes a big difference. In terms of creativity, perfection, exquisiteness, presentation, taste, and ingredients used, designer cakes steal the show. With harmonic and eye-catching designs, cool design cakes make their presence felt. You can have such cake types easily sitting at home, even at midnight, through a midnight cake delivery in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, or any other corner of the national capital of India.


When you need is special and you are not going to play the second fiddle at all, just find the best cake shop in Delhi and check out what it has for you when you deserve nothing less than a perfect piece of cake for your important occasion. Before you move ahead and place an order for any cake product with compromised design, it is high time to see what is available around.

Top 10 coolest cake design you have never seen

hand bag cake

When you have a big occasion and you need a prop to take things to the next level, all you need to do is to have some of the best birthday cakes with coolest designs. Let’s have a look at the following top 10 cake designs that are going to induce a big difference:

  • A 4-tier blue cake with lots of fishes around and mermaid setting on the top of the cake with her love interest is enough to make all drool over it.
  • A large pirate shop cake in chocolate with Caribbean pirates having weapons and flags with signs of skulls and fear.
  • A 3-tier cube cake with multiple colors and a base that is dotted with gems
  • A handbag cake with a surreal-looking c bag placed gently on the top of the cake with a brand that is quite popular.
  • A FIFA world cupcake with log and sign of FIFA inviting people to take part in the grand event
  • Owl Birthday Cake is adorable and has a wide-eyed owl for your kid’s next birthday with a real and a “wise” choice.
  • A Hot Air Balloon cake for your adventurous kiddo will let them enjoy the journey around the world in 80 days with this hot air balloon cake.
  • An Aeroplane cake will let you fly through a blue cloud cake decorating heavily with the interesting plane parts. Ask your pilot to go for pilot-in-training before taking off.
  • A simple looking but highly creative Penguin cake is ready to come to your home on a big and lovely occasion.
  • A racing car cake will inspire you to take out your car and hit the road with a bang and be a winner in the most comfortable manner.


With Yummy Cake, a popular name for quality cakes in Delhi NCR, you can expect a variety of unique and never seen before cake products at a price tag that is hard to beat and challenge.

Conclusion: With this content, it is quite clear that these cake designs are unique and have X-factor to win the show in an easy manner. Just choose any one of them and get ready to make an impression around.

What are The Most Beautiful Photo Cakes you’ve ever seen?

Summary: This article offers brief information on a variety of beautiful photo cakes that you have never seen before. If you have seen photo cakes before, then these cake options will leave you speechless and will make you don’t believe your eyes. This content will also put a light upon why these cakes are must for big occasions.

Every cake is a beautiful cake due to its utility and importance for a particular occasion. But some cakes really make a big difference due to their ability to catch all eyes and make people drool over them with a single glimpse. Photo cakes are such a beautiful gift that owns the capability to give cake lovers a big twist over traditional and repetitive cake options. That is why photo cakes are a big sensation in the online world of cakes. Be it a happy birthday cake or a bachelor party cake in the form of a photo cake, you are certainly going to rock the party and make everyone around you clap with an open heart.

Disney Cakes

Why photo cakes are important for big occasions?

These days, photo cakes have become a big craze among all who love to eat a variety of cakes. Such cases are not very different from other cake types. Only the top edible rice layer on the top of the cake is the thing that induces a big difference. Moreover, online cake shops give you a reason to get everything sitting at home. Thanks to photo cake delivery in Noida and other nearby places in Delhi NCR. Following are some of the top and valid reasons why you need a photo cake and say no to what is available around:

  • Photo cakes make an occasion look more individual and specific
  • Photo cakes revive old memories and bring people close on special occasions
  • Photo cakes are a big surprise for all who need a big change
  • Photo cakes are creative and make occasions more sparkling
  • Photo cakes display the imaginative side and they look like a garnered image
  • Photo cakes mean your own reflection with a tasteful sweet dessert  

Some Unbelievable Photo Cake around You

As we have said the online world is full of stunning and palatable sweet cakes and desserts, but the following photo cakes can give you a reason to take things to the next level:

  • A delicious chocolate photo cake showing parents kissing their kid on cheeks
  • A black forest photo cake showing a toddler scratching its head innocently
  • A round shape photo cake showing a romantic couple making a heart sign with their hand gestures
  • A red velvet photo cake showing a couple hugging and sunlight making them glow
  • A pineapple cake displaying a happy family like a big framed photo
  • Special photo cartoon cakes for all kids in multiple sizes and colors

When you start searching for the best and beautiful photo cakes and looking for a great cake shop, then popular cake vendor Yummycake comes to your service and caters all your changing photo cake needs through a timely and instant midnight cake delivery in Faridabad and its nearby areas.

Conclusion:  With this content, it is clear that photo cakes are special and help you make an impression on big occasions. These cake options are really useful and can be used to add more colors and character to the big occasion. Just opt for any of these cake types and win all hearts in the simple manner.

Get Same Day Cake Delivery by Yummycake

In the last years, delivery of online products has become more smooth and customer friendly. That is why a large number of people who are active online like to place orders for buying their choice products and like to get them delivered at their doorstep. Almost all sorts of products, including cake products, available online are ready to cater changing needs of cake lovers and offer them same day cake delivery service so that they can have their choice anniversary or happy birthday cakes as per their changing needs. These days, online cakes are popular only because of the same day cake delivery service by some professional online cake shops. YummyCake is simply one of them that promise the timely and safe delivery of final and ready to serve cake products. With the cake shop, one can expect a fast and reliable service of cake delivery in Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad and Delhi.


There is no dearth of online cake shops that deal in the selling and supplying of a wide assortment of yummy and flavorful cakes through a cake delivery that is free to all. Following are some of the prime features of the cake delivery service from the leading online cake shop–Yummycake. The main reason why this cake delivery service is first choice of all is that it has been designed cater the special needs of cake lovers. And other features are as follows:

Anniversary cake

  • Fast and prompt service to deliver cake on the same day
  • Ready to serve cake lovers 24/7 on the same day
  • Delivery within 2-3 hours on the same day
  • Available in all parts of Delhi NCR, Gurgaon, Faridabad, and Noida
  • Anniversary cake delivery in Delhi and nearby areas
  • Free or paid delivery service as per terms and conditions
  • Cake products delivered by professional cake delivery boys
  • Photo cake delivery in the least amount of time
  • Flawless customer service for delivering right products at the right time
  • Free day cake delivery and paid midnight cake delivery
  • On time and before time cake delivery at any address or location

Heart Shaped Birthday cake Combo Offer

If you are really interested in having the best sweet cake and dainty photo cake with your own image on the top of the cake, then you simply need to place an online order to Yummycake and get ready to have the same cake get easily settled on the top of the table through a cake delivery service that helps you save your precious time and money from being wasted. Just think of the cake of your preference and the cake shop will give you a reason to throw a party in a never before way. And it is possible only with a free or paid cake delivery service.

Customized Raksha Bandhan Gifts for Sister

The bond of love between sister and brother is unconditional. They both fight, love, and care each other. When it comes to showing you unconditional love and care for your sister, Rakshabandhan is the best occasion. On this auspicious day, sister ties a sacred thread (Rakhi) on her brother’s hand. On this joyful day, you must get some special gifts for your sister. There must be something special, funny and cute gifts for your sister on this Raksha Bandhan. Yummycake would be your best choice to send customized Raksha Bandhan gifts for the sister on Rakhi. Let’s get started to check out gifts ideas for the sister.  

Here are a Few Customized Raksha Bandhan Gifts for Sister:

Coffee Mug: Write the quotes what you like.


Sibling Fight Cushion: Continue reading “Customized Raksha Bandhan Gifts for Sister”

Buy adult cake online

There is a huge difference between a party for all and a party for adults. All are invited to be a part of a social gathering on important occasions of birthday, anniversary, or other events of the national importance. Here, all old and young and adults and teenagers can clap for the person for whom the event is really meant for. On the other hand, it is an adult party that invites adults only and says no to other.

It clearly means you can be a part of this party if you are above 18 or it is thrown by your friends for having some adult fun and entertainment in the presence of a hot adult cake item that clearly indicates to some images of the male or female body part. You can call us in 97818108300 and book online cake delivery in Delhi NCR at best rates with a beautiful surprise.

An adult cake means it is a fun time for all 18+ girls and boys. Even, an adult cake can be a part of a bachelor or a hens’ party that is celebrated a day before a girl or a boy enter into nuptials. Now, things have changed completely and you needn’t wait for a big party to have some naughty fun and recreation. There are lots of adult online cake shop in Delhi NCR that are ready to give you a big surprise and add more colors and fancies to your imagination in a perfect manner.

Just go to the website of the cake seller and check out what is available there. Choose the best birthday cake as per your choice, budget, and preference. Within hours, you will be able to celebrate some individual moment with him or her in a private space. Placing an online cake order in Faridabad is quite easy and enables you to have a cake within hours, sitting at home.

If you want to buy cake online, especially the adult cake, in Faridabad or its nearby areas, then the best thing you need to know what is available around and which online cake site offers the best adult cakes for birthday. Remember that all cakes shops are not best known for offering quality cake with desired flavors or style.

There is a huge difference between making a cake for a 10-year-old boy and an adult cake that is dedicated only for two special persons. The presentation of male and female private parts is the essence of adult cakes. That is why you can’t take things lightly when it comes to choosing such a cake and getting the same through a paid or free cake delivery service. Just follow all instructions shown on the cake website and get ready to have unlimited fun and ecstasy when you are close to the cake.

Buying bachelor party cake online is not tough at all. Just go to the website and check the list of adult cakes. Pick the best one as per your needs, pay properly via a payment gateway channel, fill all required details and get ready to answer the doorbell as cake delivery boy is ready to hand the same over to you.