Top 5 Birthday Cakes

It’s the best day of the year and you are busy with party celebration. No birthday party is complete without a delicious and mouth-watering cake. It’s the best dessert to share with your relatives and family. The guest will certainly enjoy birthday cakes that are lip-smacking and can boost the taste bud. Sometimes, a cake that tastes good isn’t enough. We need to do some customization also. Here are 10 incredibly tasty cakes that you could buy this birthday.


Kid’s First Birthday Cake

Is it your Kids’s Birthday? Yummycake offers a large collection of kids birthday cake which will bring a big smile on their face. Make their birthday special with cakes.  Have some fun with these colorful and crazy kids birthday cakes. From classic to whimsical and fun, these kids birthday cakes will be the talk of the party! With online cake delivery in delhi, Faridabad, Gurgaon and Noida, this first birthday cake will be fun to eat.



Peppa Pig Cake:

Peppa Pig cake is a common request at so many children’s parties. These days Peppa Pig becomes a very funny part of the child’s life.  If you want to give your small one a very Surprising birthday bash and want your kid to OINK like a PIG and do some muddy fun with lots of happiness then this cake is the right choice for you . The Peppa Pig cake is delicious and will leave you stun with an awesome lip-smacking taste. With online cake delivery Noida NCR, Yummy cake offers Peppa Pig cake.



Hookah Cake

Why send ordinary cake to your charming one?  Let’s select some unique and creative cakes this time. Hookah Cake are one of the best customized cakes you can order this birthday. Your guests will definitely going to love it. There Should Always Be Cake that specializes in the confection of custom cartoon cake. Hookah cake will serve the purpose.



Designer Cakes

Birthday happens only once a year. Why not celebrate it with cool premium designer cake in delhi NCR. Whether you are good at playing guitar or wanted to be a musician. YummyCake have lovely designer cakes with them. It doesn’t matter what the theme of the party would be, the lovely and delicious designer cake will refresh your mood. You may customize these cakes as per your choice. You just have to call them and ask for your design.




Cartoon Cake:

Mickey Mouse shaped cake which is very well made and cared for from initial idea through creation to consumption. Cartoon cake will be enjoyed by almost every kid on their Birthday. Choose from different cartoon cake from Yummycake – an online bakery shop in Delhi NCR.




Online cake delivery @799

Are you looking for an affordable online cake delivery service in Delhi? Your search ends here as some dedicated online cake stores are offering a range of delicious cakes at a reasonable price. Now, you don’t need to walk through every brick and mortar shops in the market – simply browse your reliable online store and place your order in just a few steps.


But before you choose an online store, you need to do some homework tasks to choose a reliable online store. Here are some important points that you can consider while choosing a delicious and beautiful cake.


Point out your taste and flavor
First of all, it comes to the taste and flavor of your selected cake. Be sure you are choosing a right flavor. With a number of popular cake flavors available in the market, you can choose a particular one from vanilla, strawberry, blueberry, butterscotch, fruit cakes, and others. Online cake delivery in Delhi NCR is all convenient to provide you with your favorite cake flavor in different designs.


Choose a reliable online cake shop

Secondly, it comes to choosing a reliable online shop based on your requirements. You should make sure you are selecting a reliable online store that involves an advanced mechanism and delivery system to ensure a trouble-free delivery. Some of the shops for online birthday cake delivery in Noida, do have an advanced mechanism that ensures a flawless payment process and delivery of the purchased birthday cakes.


Compare the price of your selected cake

On the other hand, you can also go for the price comparison if you want to buy an affordable cake. Browse some similar websites and check if they have a different price for the same cake. There is a huge possibility to find a particular website that might be offering the cake at an affordable cost.


Choose the relevant cake category

Though the cakes are available for a different occasion, you need to choose only those categories that include your preferred cakes. Marriage anniversary Midnight cake delivery in Noida has a dedicated category that includes a range of delicious cakes in different design and flavor.

Simply choose a reliable and professional cake delivery shop and enjoy each and every moment in your party.
All mentioned above factors are enough to make things happen in your favor when you have no idea what to do and how to get the best cake item delivered at your doorstep at a price tag that is @799. At a local online cake shop, you can simply get the best cake products as per your food habits and taste. This small amount money can help you buy the right cake that is ready to get laid on the table and make people around clap for you.

Does people hate surprises, If so why?

Other than a bunch of surprise party lovers, there is a huge number of people who hate surprises and they don’t wish other to go for it for them. If you look at the way how such parties are organized and handled, you will love the excitement and the preparedness. However, it disturbs some people so badly.


Some of the best things in a surprise party are: on time cake delivery in Faridabad, secrecy maintained by the guests, unknown people taking part in the parties and others.
Apart from these interesting things, there are some disturbing aspects that really turn disappointing for the guest of honor. Here are some important points why some people hate surprises:


  • It involves so many challenges, Of course, if you have a plan to throw a surprise party for someone special, then you must be ready to undertake some challenges as well. And this is the most appealing reason why people avoiding holding such event. You have to take on everything very carefully without even a single mistake.
  • Secrecy is the utmost thing to ensure, On the other hand, it is always necessary to maintain secrecy at all levels. Once the plan gets revealed, nothing is surprising. While the plan for a surprise party is in the underway, you have to ensure the secrecy doesn’t get revealed in any condition. This is also one of the effective reasons why such parties are avoided by a number of people.
  • Guests without any prior notice are not always preferable Most of the people don’t like their guests arrive without any prior notice. It disturbs when the people see a bunch of guests at their home for a surprise party.
  • A huge possibility of mistakes When it comes to holding a surprise party, there is a huge possibility of mistakes in the event. You have to ensure your selected cake shop in Delhi brings you a lovely cake at the real time when you want.
  • It requires everyone on the surprise If you want a successful surprise party, then you need to take everyone by surprise. It’s a hugely challenging job for a person who doesn’t want to get involved in such activities. Your anniversary cake should have all the reflections that can show your love – but without involving others in selecting cakes can be a daunting and time-consuming job.


Apart from these points, a surprise part does always leave a lot of jobs behind once the party ends. If you have invited many guests, then the post-part conditions are going to be more challenging. On the other hand, you have to make sure everything is going as planned, rather than enjoying the moment. Just peep into a local or online cake shop in Delhi and then decide yourself if cake lovers will hate or love surprises when they have a cake before their eyes delivered by the cake delivery boy.

surprise cake would be best gift ever

A great gift is nothing less than a surprise that catches all eyes and makes you feel amazed so that you can’t believe your eyes when you have something unique in your hands. Surprise cake can be a day or a midnight cake. Keep in mind that anything you get at midnight in no less than a big surprise that is totally stunning. And the same will be made possible only with an online birthday cake delivery in Delhi and other parts of Delhi NCR.


Candidly, cakes are the best surprise gifts when they are delivered at your doorstep with some seasonal flowers. It is quite clear that you will get different and costly gifts when you are online. But the thing matters the most are getting a unique gift and the same comes in the form of a lovely cake that you can easily grab through a yeoman cake delivery service in Faridabad and its near areas. Let’s have a look at the following concise list of some selective cakes that are obviously designer-made. The list is not very long but it has all the elements that are needed to make one feel stunned and satisfied when he or she open the box with a lovely message conveyed through some flowers of a birthday greeting card. These cake choices are enough to bring a flawless smile on the face of cake lovers who like to throng to physical cakes shop every time they plan to book a yummy cake. Whenever you visit any cake shop, ensure that the list you get online should have the following surprises for your upcoming engagement event.


The list may include 2 Peacock birthday Cake – Male – Female Peacock 3D – 3 tiered; 2 tier Purple flower birthday cake with leaves; 3 tier Green Peacock birthday cake; 3 tiered white birthday cake with Green clogged Lace effect; 4 layer White birthday cake with Roses between the layers, and Chocolate and Fruit Designer Cakes in Gurgaon. Don’t get stunned if you are going to have a Designer Birthday Cake with handcrafted flowers and a Water Fountain setup; Elegant Personalized multi-tier birthday cake with chandelier and crystals; Extremely Tall Pink birthday cake with Flower Bouquets; Multi-color Multi-layer Flowers birthday cake; Multi-tier Colorful flowers with edible pearls Swiss chocolate designer cake, and Purple Rose and white fondant flower birthday cake with Ferrero Rocher filling.


Another stunning gift can be Red and Turquoise Personalized Initial Birthday / Engagement Cake; Wood Finish birthday cake with handmade fondant flower, and Birthday Cake with Fountain surrounded by Cupcakes. So what are you waiting for? It is around 12 AM and the cake delivery boy is ringing the doorbell. Get up and leave your bed as you are going to get something which is only one of its kinds for you. Answer the doorbell and say thanks to the cake delivery boy as he is a harbinger of happiness for you. Special thanks to the person who has sent this yummy cake for you on your birthday.

Send your loved ones a surprise photo cake online

We like to see our special photos and keep them close to our heart. We keep them in purse, frame them on the wall, keep them alive in photo albums, and store in mobile phones—a new way to carry your images 24/7. If you love to see yourself everywhere, then why don’t you try out a cake where there is an image on the top of the cake and the same image belongs only to you? It can be your old or latest photograph that can surprise all around you. If you are deeply interested in sending your loved ones a big surprise as a birthday cake gift, then nothing can be a big boost then a photo cake available online. Thanks to the online world for delivering millions of cake lovers their choice photo cake delivery in Faridabad, Gurgaon, Noida, or the national capital of India—Delhi.


Don’t get surprised! You are not going to eat your photograph in actual. Plainly speaking, it is an edible photo paper that you find on the top of any cake you order online. Just share your photo with the online cake shop via mail or you can also attach your photograph after filling a form given on the website of the cake shop. If you are not decided on which picture will make a difference, then the best thing you can do is to send 3-4 images and ask cake designers to choose the best one that can create a magic. If you want to get something unique, then photographs of your favorite celebrity, mobile phone, cartoon character, gadget, car or any other device can do things in your favor. If you are still unable to take the decision, then ask cake designers for the best solution as per their discretion.

When you are online, you get a long list of popular photo cakes that you can order for bringing happiness to your individual occasion. Let’s check out what the online world has for you and your family members when it comes to having a unique cake.

Barbie Photo and Doraemon Photo Cake

Chocolate Photo Cake for Mom and Eternal Love Photo Cake

Chota Bheem & Family and Spider Man Cake

Holi Photo Cake or Intimate Moment Cake

Ninja Hattori Photo Cake and Micky Mouse Photo Cake

Personalized Cake for mom and Mothers’ Day Photo Cake

Personalized Photo Fan Cake and Personalized Photo birthday cake

Tom & Jerry Cake and Super Man Cake

Valentine Photo Cake and Personalized Easter Cake

To have great photo cakes at your home, you simply need to rely upon a birthday cake delivery in Faridabad, Gurgaon, or Noida With this service you are simply able to get what you need for adding more appeal and effectiveness to the special occasion that will matter the most for you.

Send Cakes Online On Your Brother’s Anniversary

If your brother’s wedding anniversary is just around the corner and you are quite confused what to do to make the day a memorable one for home, then simply take a deep breath, sit back, and think about online stores that can help you find some extraordinary options at the even more affordable deal.


Today with the increasing popularity of online stores across the nation, it is now quite easy and convenient to get a beautiful and delicious cake that can reflect your happiness and emotion towards your brother.

But it all depends on the way how you will decide over the cake in terms of design, color, flavor, and other important points. As you are planning to give an edge to the celebration in your own way, it is important for you to think about some important things while selecting anniversary cakes for your bother.


And if you are online and you have browsed some popular online cake stores, then it is moderately easy for you to sort out a beautiful cake based on these important things. There is no need to go through the conventional way and waste your important time. So, let’s have some details over the available options available at anniversary cake online stores that you can consider about:

Design and decoration:
Apart from all important elements, design & decoration should be in your prime memo. As you can also understand, an anniversary cake can only be the best choice if it has been selected based on the design and decoration. Online stores have created a separate category containing different designs and decorations. Once you visit the category and see the list of available products, you will find some extraordinary options in the category.



Some of the popular designs for anniversary cakes may include the following options:

  • Black Forest Chocolate Cake
  • Truffle Cake
  • Red Velvet Cake
  • Dutch Chocolate Cake
  • Combo Surprise including cakes, chocolates, and flowers
  • Designer Cakes
  • Photo Cake
  • Fresh Fruit Cake


On the other hand, you need to think about the flavor that makes your brother delightful. So can you miss out his favorite cake flavor on his anniversary? If you visit online Faridabad cake delivery shop, you can find some of the best and popular flavors. Here are some popular flavors that you can consider while selecting an anniversary cake:

  • Blueberry Cheese Cake
  • Choco-Fruit Cake
  • Eggless Crunchy Chocolate Cake
  • Oreo Cake
  • Wild Forest Cake

The list of above-mentioned cake is just a glimpse of what you can have when you are online. Choose the best one and send the same cakes online on your brother’s anniversary so that he can feel your love and affection. So these are some popular options that you can think about while selecting a particular anniversary cake for your brother’s anniversary. Go online and save on your budget and time as well.

Anniversary cake delivery online

Amazing wedding anniversary cakes are simply a symbol of the most living and sweet moments. When it comes to giving a new touch and height to celebrations of your wedding anniversary, cakes not only add more sweetness in your relationships but also function as a show stopper. Anniversary cakes are harbinger of happiness and closeness to a married couple who has just completed 1 year or another year of their marriage. There are many online cake shops in Delhi NCR that are ready to give you an unforgettable taste through an online cake delivery in Noida and its nearby areas.


A beautiful decorative cake with red flowers or the photo of the married couple is enough to steal your heart and blow your mind. Nothing can be more mesmerized and enchanting than a silver cake with red rose photo and carrying a message on the top layer of the cake. You can add more variety and colors to the cake by using beautiful border design pictures. Simply send cake shops your marriage anniversary cake image and get it printed on the cake with an edible rice layer. Happy wedding anniversary greetings with anniversary cake pictures and love quotes will bring everything to a halt on your special day.


Following is a list of some stunners that are really going to rock your wedding anniversary party you are going to throw amid the presence of your near and dear ones on an occasion that brings you and your better half close to each other. Let’s have a look at the list which contains some delicious and gorgeous anniversary cakes online that are winners and make you feel proud. The list includes:


  • Strawberry cake from scratch with a bit of natural color
  • Chocolate peanut butter ice cream cake with two layers of gluten-free chocolate cake
  • Lemon curd layer cake with lemon butter cream
  • Chocolate peanut butter cheesecake cake
  • Gorgeous chocolate ombre cake with pink pomegranate frosting
  • Mocha chocolate cake with a silky mocha Swiss meringue butter cream
  • Banana cake with Italian bailey’s Swiss meringue butter cream and salted caramel sauce
  • Rich chocolate cake filled with layers of homemade nougat, caramel, and peanuts
  • Spectacular chocolate cake with chocolate ganache and some snowed cherries
  • Almond cream cake with a homemade cooked, whipped frosting and sliced almonds.
  • Strawberry, elderflower and almond layer cake with roasted strawberry Swiss meringue butter cream
  • A vanilla buttermilk cake layered with dark chocolate ganache
  • Watermelon inspired layer cake with a fruity butter cream frosting
  • Chocolate celebration cake with a delicious chocolate flavor with a moist crumb
  • Berry Cider Cake with cake layers made with cider

If you are interested in making your forthcoming event a unique moment, then ask your local online cake shop in Delhi for anniversary cakes and online cake delivery in Noida so that you can celebrate the moment in a never before way.